NFL Sandwich Games

Handicapping Theory - Play against a superior team facing an inferior
team when they are coming off an emotional win versus a quality team and/or
divisional opponent and have a quality team and or divisional opponent on

While there are many handicapping factors to consider before laying your cash down on a game, one that many handicappers don’t consider is the “sandwich game”.

The definition of a sandwich game is when a team has played an emotional game such as a game against a divisional opponent in the previous week and has another important game on deck. From a handicapping perspective this scenario is much stronger when the team won the previous week.


An example of this would be the Denver Broncos game in week 10 of last season. They were coming off of a win against the reigning Super Bowl champ Pittsburg Steelers and had a divisional foe the San Diego Chargers on deck.

The lines-maker made the Broncos a big favorite, setting the line at Denver - 8
The Broncos did end up winning the game 17-13, but the game was even closer than the score indicated. Denver was not focused in the first half of the game and trailed 13-7 going into the 3rd quarter before pulling the game out in the 4th.

Each year there are many of these sandwich games on the schedule and definitely worth noting in your handicapping formulations.

Below we have tipped you off on some of the possible games where the “sandwich effect” may be in play this season.

Arizona Cardinals
Dec 2 @ home versus Cleveland

Carolina Panthers
Nov 18 @ Green Bay

Denver Broncos
Nov 19 @ home versus Tennessee

Jacksonville Jaguars
Nov 25 @ home versus Buffalo

Philadelphia Eagles
Sept 23 @ home versus Detroit
Nov 18 @ home versus Miami

San Diego Chargers
Sept 23 @ Green Bay