Odds to Win 2007 NFC Championship

Leading online bookie, sportsbook.com (Sportsbook.com Review) has released their future NFC Champion lines for the 2007/2008 season.

The Chicago Bears have been instilled as the lukewarm betting favorite to win the NFL’s NFC conference in 2007 at 4-1 odds. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Seattle Seahawks are both a close second listed at 9-2.

So, there isn’t any surprises in the top grouping of teams. However, what is surprising is their line on the NY Giants. While I’m sure not a fan of Eli Manning, and I sure as heck wouldn’t be wagering on them to win the conference, it still is puzzling why a team that had a winning record in its own division would be higher odds to win the NFC then two of their divisional rivals.

The one team that I will be laying some cash on is the Seattle Seahawks. The ‘Hawks played a large part of the 2006 season with key parts of their secondary on the sidelines. They’ve improved the depth and talent of that group through free agency so we might see the Seattle defense return to their 2005 form in 2007.

Chicago Bears 4-1

Philadelphia Eagles 11-2

Seattle Seahawks 11-2

Dallas Cowboys 6-1

Carolina Panthers 6-1

New Orleans Saints 6-1

New York Giants 12-1

Green Bay Packers 18-1

Washington Redskins 18-1

San Francisco 49ers 18-1

Arizona Cardinals 18-1

Atlanta Falcons 20-1

St. Louis Rams 20-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-1

Minnesota Vikings 20-1

Detroit Lions 50-1

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