Predictem NFL Archives – Start Through July 2007

Former 49ers Head Coach Bill Walsh who lead the Montana/Rice
teams to many Super Bowls has lost his battle with Leukemia and passed away.
He was 75. Thanks for the memories Bill. Rest in Peace. – 7/30

Pac Man Jones a pro wrestler? Suspended Tennessee Titans
cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has agreed to sign with the Total Nonstop
Action pro wrestling group. Egads. – 7/30

NFL Trade: The Chicago Bears have acquired DT Darwin Walker from the Buffalo Bills for an undisclosed 2008 draft pick. – 7/29

The Minnesota Vikings have signed the number 7 pick Adrian Peterson to a 5 year deal. – 7/29

Packers rookie Brandon Jackson has already worked his way up to splitting carries with the first team. There’s a good chance he may take carries away from Vernand Morency and swipe the staring job, especially since Morency is having injury issues. – 7/29

Both the NY Giants and Tennessee Titans are courting Simeon Rice. If Rice signs with the Giants, there’s a good chance he will replace Michael Strahan who would then not be re-signed. – 7/28

Rumor that Patriots player Ted Bruschi had committed suicide a hoax. – 7/28

Giants Michael Strahan is hinting about retiring but sources close to the All-Pro defensive player claim he’s excited about playing this upcoming season. – 7/27

Larry Johnson is holding out after not being given a contract extension. What ever happened to players signing contracts and sticking to the terms they agreed to? – 7/27

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb has been medically cleared to attend training camp. – 7/27

Mike Vick pleads not guilty to federal dog fighting charges. – 7/26

Falcons RB Warrick Dunn thinks he’ll be ready for the season opener. For fantasy football fans, seriously consider taking Jerious Norwood as Dunn’s health is really going downhill. – 7/26

Keenan McCardell signs a one year contract with the Houston Texans. – 7/26

The Tampa Bay Buccaneears are considering signing QB Daunte Culpepper. – 7/26

The NFL has rejected Bengals middle linebacker Odell Thurman’s application for reinstatement from his suspension. – 7/26

Lance Briggs close to signing with Bears. Rumors out of K.C. are that Priest Holmes WILL attempt a comeback to once again play for the Chiefs. Jets RB Curtis Martin makes official retirement announcement. NFL orders Mike Vick to not attend training camp. Props to the league for doing the right thing. – 7/24

Vick ordered to stay away from the Atlanta Falcons’ camp. 7/23

Training camps open for Miami and Houston. 7/22

Raiders safety J. Cooper receives 4 games suspension for steroid use. 7/20

Falcon QB indicted for his involvement with dog fighting. – 7/19

Pacman Jones hoping to get to play in Exhibition games. – 7/19

Defensive End Dwight Freeney resigns with Indianapolis Colts. – 7/15

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star is reporting that Priest Holmes has no intention of playing in the NFL ever again. – 7/9

After 16 years in operation, NFL Europe will close it’s doors after it’s said to have been losing 30 million dollars a year. The NFL contends that they will be giving more attention to playing regular season NFL games abroad. – 6/29

The Chicago Bears have waived DT Tank Johnson. – 6/25

Handicapping NFL Turnovers – If you haven’t in the past, you should start this year!

Chiefs RB Larry Johnson announces that he’s prepared to hold out if not given a new contract. – 6/21

NFL idiot Pacman Jones has been charged with two counts of felony coercion in the February shooting at a Las Vegas strip club that left one man paralyzed.
– 6/20

Trent Green finally gets traded to the Miami Dolphins for a draft pick – 6/5

New England Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill presumed drowned after his body goes missing after a Jetski accident. – 5/27

Keyshawn Johnson announces retirement. – 5/23

Home Field Advantage in the NFL – We talk about what it is and how much it’s worth. – 5/21

The first 40,000 tickets for the Oct. 28 game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants at the new Wembley Stadium sold in 90 minutes Wednesday. – 5/18

News reports state that Bret Favre was very disappoined when the Packers management didn’t make a move for troubled WR Randy Moss. It was even said that he was so angry that he at one point wanted to be traded. Bret has since calmed down and rescinded the remark made while he was pissed off. – 5/13

Steelers sign RB Kevan Barlow to a 1 year deal. – 5/10

Calvin Johnson runs 4.35 at Combine – 4/26

The Rams have acquired KR Dante Hall from the KC Chiefs – 4/25

The NFL has suspended Pac Man Jones for 1 year and Chris Henry for the 1st 8 games of the 2007 NFL season – 4/10

Dolphins trade long-time K Olindo Mare to N.O. for a sixth round draft pick – 4/3

The Redskins offered the Bears the 6th pick in the 2007 NFL draft for Lance Briggs but the Bears turned it down and apparently are prepared to be patient and not make a move – 4/3

Just when we thought Corey Dillon was going to retire word out of Tennessee is that he may sign there. This is an odd move to say the least as the Titans have been said to be resigning Chris Brown soon and they have LenDale White as well – 4/3

One-time Oregon Ducks college RB star Onterrio Smith files for reinstatement with NFL after his one year drug suspension – 4/3

The Denver Broncos have signed QB Patrick Ramsey to backup 2nd year play caller Jay Cutler and have also signed former Colts WR Brandon Stokley as well. Where Stokely fits into their solid mix of receivers is anybody’s guess

Niners reward work-horse running back Frank Gore with four year contract extension – 3/28

Rumors are swirling that Joe Theisman will NOT be returning with Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheister in the MNF booth next season – 3/26

As expected, Houston releases QB David Carr – 3/23

Pacman Jones likely to be suspended for whole 07/08 season – 3/23

A sad day for Rams fans. Marshall Faulk officially retires – 3/23

Rumors out of Miami say that if the ‘Phins acquire Trent Green, Daunte Culpepper may be released – 3/23

QB Trent Green said to be headed to Miami in a trade for a 2nd round draft pick – 3/21

The Atlanta Falcons have traded quarterback Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans for a second-round pick in this year’s draft, a second-round pick in next year’s draft and swapping draft picks in this year’s 2007 NFL draft. Rumors are David Carr may be cut! – 3/21

The Minnesota Vikings QB situation continues to look merky with Tarvaris Jackson apparently being the starter with newly signed Drew Henson challenging along with Brooks Bollinger. Vikes fans could be in for another long season – 3/19

Super Bowl Champs lose LB Cato June to the Bucs. June signs a 3 year 12 million dollar contract and should be a huge plus for John Gruden – 3/18

NE signs speedy WR Done Stallworth – 3/18

Jamarcus Russel said to be “wowing” teams with his workouts. Insiders are saying he’s showing the best QB performance in the last 10 years! – 3/15

Lance Briggs announces to media that he’s willing to sit out “all year” if the Bears don’t pony up. Unbelievably, he’s passing up 7.5 million dollars this year which is 10x what he made last year – 3/13

The Packers are said to be serious about inquiring WR Randy Moss from Oakland – 3/13

Emmitt Smith joins ESPN as an analyst – 3/12

Donte Stallworth signs a 6 year deal with N.E. – 3/11

Dominick Rhodes signs with the Raiders – 3/9

Dolphins sign kicker Jay Feely to a three year contract. It looks like Olindo Mare’s long run with the Phins is over – 3/8

Willis McGahee was traded today to the Baltimore Ravens a third and seventh-round picks in this year’s draft, along with the Ravens’ third-round pick in 2008,
Free Agent RB Jamal Lewis signs with the Cleveland Browns – 3/7

The Redskins FINALLY part with kicker John Hall in a move that we feel was “much overdue” – 3/7

Joe Horn officially signs with the Atlanta Falcons – 3/7

The Broncos have signed TE Daniel Graham to a 5 year deal – 3/7

GB taking a long hard look at WR Joe Horn, a move that would make sense – 3/7

The Chicago Bears have reached a preliminary agreement to trade RB Thomas Jones to the NY Jets for a draft pick

Patrick Kerney has signed with the Seattle Seahawks for 6 years and a reported 39 million dollars.

Free Agent Joe Horn is said to be checking out Atlanta and Tennessee as his potential future home

New England joins the party with interest in Randy Moss

Chicago Bears Lance Briggs: “Trade Me”

Dallas signs “Automatica” Gramataca to a two year contract. Love him or hate him, he’s back.

Seahawks said to be frontrunners in for Falcons DL Patrick Kerney which would provide a nice boost to their pass rush.

Houston overpays bigtime by signing Ahman Green to a massive free agent contract which will net the less than sturdy RB 22 million over 4 years

Kerry Collins signed to back up Vince Young. A surprising move to say the least

Tampa Bay signs sought after QB Jeff Garcia. Also acquires the rights to former Broncos QB Jake Plummer

Vikings say goodbye to dinosaur QB Brad Johnson

Jax signs Fred Taylor to a two year contract extension which SHOULD allow the stud RB to retire a Jag

Titans release Travis Henry. Denver promptly signs him.

San Diego Chargers re-sign Michael “The Burner” Turner and battering ram fullback Lorenzo Neal to contract extensions

Patriots sign standout kick returner Wes Welker to an offer sheet

Randy Moss to G.B? Rumors are flying!

Rams sign WR Drew Bennett

Dallas lands free agent guard Leonard Davis for a huge 7 year 49.6 million dollar deal

Bears sign head coach Lovie Smith to a massive 5 million dollar per year contract.

The Patriots granted Corey Dillion’s request to be released today so he can retire. – 3/2

Jake Plummer to retire? Friends and business associates are claiming that Jake the Snake has turned down an offer to be traded to the TB Bucs for a draft pick and has been quoted as saying that he’d rather retire than continue his NFL career in another city. – 3/2

Joe Horn asks for and is granted release after Saints request him to restructer contract. With the emergence of D. Henderson and M. Colston the Saints apparently felt their second all time leading receiver was expendable. – 3/1

Pittsburgh Steelers release Joey Porter – 3/1

Marty fired as Chargers coach after “only” leading them to a 14-2 season.

Stud WR Antonio Bryant cut from the 49ers. Bryant is to serve a 2 game suspension at the start of the 2007 season. He will surely be sought after by many teams as this guy has some huge talent. But can he keep his nose out of trouble?

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