Super Bowl 44 Proposition Bets – Picks

Super Bowl 44 Proposition Bets
by Badger of

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What will be the result of the first drive in Sundays NO@IND game?
Punt (past scrimmage line) -155
Score (TD, FG or safety) +165
Any other outcome +550

With the two juggernaut offenses these teams put on the field, I guess Im surprised the odds of scoring on the opening drive are
listed at +165. Granted, I expect everyone to be pretty jacked up for
this game and they could come out a little nervous, but Ill take my
chances that somehow one of the two offenses scripts an opening drive

Which will be the highest scoring quarter in Sundays NO@IND game?
1st quarter – +450
2nd quarter – +150
3rd quarter – +450
4th quarter – +170

This one is a classic 25 percent chance at being right, so Ill take my chances that theres a scoring flurry at the end once the defenses
get tired. Take the 4th quarter at +170.

Will Drew Brees throw an interception in game in Sundays NO@IND game?
Yes -160
No +140

Will Peyton Manning throw and interception in Sundays NO@IND game?
Yes -170
No +130

Im going to piggyback both of these two props together, because Im
going to go NO for both of them. Brees and Manning are two of, if not
thee, most cerebral QBs in the NFL. The do tend to throw into tighter
windows than most quarterbacks, but either way, for +140 and +130
Ill take my chances that the intelligence of both signal callers
shines under pressure Sunday.


Will Dallas Clark score a touchdown in Sundays NO@IND game?
Yes +105
No -135

If youre going to give me underdog odds that the games most
dangerous pass-receiving tight end is going to shake loose for a
score, Ill take them. Especially since I wouldnt be surprised to
see Manning TRYING to get him a score in the red zone. Take Yes at +105.


Will Pierre Thomas score a touchdown in Sundays NO@IND game?
Yes +140
No -170

On one of these Super Bowl 44 props preview articles Ive already
stated that I think the Saints need to establish Thomas and the
running game for the time of possession battle. So Im all for a
Thomas scamper at some point, and when it does Ill gladly collect
the +140 for it.

Who will have the longest pass reception in Sundays NO@IND game:
Pierre Thomas -1.5 yds. (-115) or Joseph Addai +1.5yds. (-115)

The way the Colts use Addai on screen plays and in the passing game,
I guess Im stunned that hes the one getting yards here. Ill take
Addai to cash here, even though Im not a huge fan of the -115 odds.


How many penalties will be made by both teams in Sundays NO@IND game?
Over 9 penalties (-175)
Under 9 penalties (+135)

Id like to think these two teams will play a clean game. Indy plays
a conservative Tampa-cover-2 so they dont get a lot of pass
interference calls. Both lines are solid and both QBs get the ball
out quick, so theres also minimum risk for holding calls too. Take
the under at +135.

How many lost fumbles will be made by both teams in Sundays NO@IND game?
Over 1.5 lost fumbles (+105)
Under 1.5 lost fumbles (-145)

The Saints defense and their stripping and ball-hawking skills have already been discussed. But if you give me Reggie Bushs
butterfingers too, Im in for a small wager. Im going over for +105.