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Super Bowl 44 Props: The Best Prop Bets at
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The National Football Leagues Super Bowl is the most heavily wagered on sporting event in all of Las Vegas, ahead of both the Kentucky
Derby and the NCAAs March Madness combined, so its no wonder why
you can wager on anything from the coin flip to the games MVP and
anything and everything in between.

How much money is wagered you ask? How about 90 million on last years game between the Steelers and Cardinals, the fourth year in a row the sportsbooks took in over 90 million plus on wagers. And that
90 million is just the total in Vegas, so who knows how much illegal
bookies and Internet gamblers add into the mix, but its safe to say
it would push the total over 100 million easily.

Most of that money is wagered on what are called proposition bets,
or prop bets for short. While these bets usually offer no better odds of
winning then a simple coin flip, they take advantage of the fact that Super
Bowl parties are going on everywhere with lots of dead money willing to
wager on something just for fun. Heck, I think I won the old Bud Bowl
three years in a row by taking Bud Light and the points, and I dont even
drink Budweiser or Bud Light for that matter.

With squares walking around willing to bet large money on anything
that happens in the game, the sportsbooks do their best to cover
every angle with odds. While I dont personally wager on any of these
prop bets, or advocate you laying too much on them either, heres a
look at a few of the more attractive prop bets you can find at



Prop bets are usually broken down into two categories, player props
and team props. Lets take a look at some of the best player props
available at BoDog.

Super Bowl 44 MVP Drew Brees Odds: 9-to-4

Im not taking much of a chance here. Im thinking that one of the
two quarterbacks in the game is most likely going to win the MVP, and
since Peyton Manning is considered the favorite (2-to-3 odds), Im
riding the second-best option. If thats not enough risk-reward for
you, then take Reggie Bush at 10-to-1 and hope he busts a return for
a game-changing score to win ala Desmond Howard.

Who will record more rushing yards Pierre Thomas (+125) or Joseph
Addai (-155)?

Im a believer that if the Saints hope to stay in this game until the
end, they NEED Thomas and the running game to work early and often.
The fact that Bush and Mike Bell might take carries away from Thomas
scares me a little, but at +125 odds Ill take my chances.

Player to score the first TD in the game Dallas Clark Odds: 6-to-1

Im almost inclined to take Joseph Addai (11-to-2) on a goal line
plunge, but my thinking is that Manning will catch the Saints in a
blitz and find Clark in a mismatch on a linebacker.


The first 1st down will happen on a Pass (-200) or Run (+160)

Im thinking 2nd-down and short after a 1st down short pass, hoping
Addai or Thomas find a seam to hit the bet at +160.

Will either team score three unanswered times in the game? Yes
(-200), No (+160)

Three unanswered scores with the passing ability of both teams in this game highly doubtful. This may be the best prop bet there is
at BoDog. Im saying No for +160.

MISCELLANIOUS PROPS (still usually listed under Team Props)

Which Super Bowl commercial will have the highest rating on USAToday Ad meter?

This is one for the wives/girlfriends of all of you degenerates.
Budweiser is the favorite at 20-to-33 odds, but Im throwing mine on
the darkhorse of Family First at 12-to-1. So much hype about the ad
already, which includes the media wet dream as the star in Tim Tebow,
how could it not win?

How many times will CBS show Archie Manning on TV during the game? Over 2.5 (-115) or Under 2.5 (-115)

With Dad, and likely brother Eli, sitting in a luxury box how can
they not go over 2.5? If Peyton has the kind of game everyone thinks
he will, this could go over before halftime.

How many times will Pete Townshend do his legendary windmill move? Over 5 (-115), Under 5 (-115)

Really? My bet is hell go over in one song alone. Something like
Pinball Wizard, or Dont Get Fooled Again will provide the riff.