Picking the best proposition bets for Super Bowl XLIX

by Badger, Football Handicapper, Predictem.com

The world’s largest betting spectacle, the National Football League’s Super Bowl, will commence this Sunday, February 1st, and every wager known to man can be had when the Seattle Seahawks try to go for a second title in a row against the New England Patriots in the NFL’s 49th version of the big game in University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona.

Since Las Vegas seems to set new records for the overall amount of money wagered on the Super Bowl every year, with this year’s No. 1 seed versus a No. 1 seed matchup, there’s little indication that trend will stop anytime soon. But there’s little doubt the record handle each year is due in part to the sheer number of proposition bets that one can waste their bankroll on Sunday’s big game.

This year’s bring more of the same. As always, don’t waste away the hard earned profits you earned over the course of the NFL season up to this weekend on these silly bets but if you must (you degenerate!), then here’s the ones I would suggest.

National Anthem: 119.5 seconds (over -115)

This prop bet is always one of my favorites ever since a few years ago when that dope Christina Aguilera turned the betting world on it’s edge by singing the wrong words! Holy smokes that was sad and awesome all in one. With bettors crying foul almost instantly, sportsbooks everywhere were forced to declare any wagers on the national anthem as a no bet good times.

On to this year’s wager. This year Super Bowl 49 will have the anthem sung by Idina Menzel, of Disney’s Frozen fame and star of stage and film. A completely clean, instrumental version of the Star Spangled Banner is 114 seconds, and my guess is Menzel has at least five seconds of holding that final home of the brave note in her. I’m taking the over.

Special Props: B.Belichick wears gray hoodie (-140)

The odds on Katy Perry wearing a skirt (-160) are worse, and so are the odds for Belichick’s hoodie having the sleeves cut off (-180), so I’m going with the old and reliable gray hoodie for game day. Why would Belichick change now, everyone thinks he’s quirky?

Gatorade Shower: Clear/water (+200)

I was kind of surprised at how nice the odds are for water. It’s my guess that most of the buckets on the sideline are full of water, probably 75 percent at least because water is nutritionally superior to Gatorade in most cases. Conspiracy theorists will argue that the dumping bucket is always pre-planned, but I say the players grab whatever is closest. I’m going clear to try and double my money on this one.

Player Comparison Props: L.Blount +23.5 yards (-110) vs. M. Lynch

Blount proved he could be a force to recon with in the AFC Championship game. Beast mode will get his yards, but I don’t think he gets a full 24 yards more at the end too big a number. I’m rolling a blount, er, I’m taking Blount plus 23.5 yards for this prop bet.

Player Comparison Props: D. Baldwin -1.5 yards (-115) vs. B. LaFell

The only thing that scares me about this prop bet is the fact that LaFell has basically been non-existent for the Pats up to this game. So when you least expect it, Coach Hoodie and his cronies design their whole offensive game plan around getting the ball into LaFell’s hands. Nah I’ll take Baldwin and the modest minus -1.5 yards, I’ll even pay extra juice for it.

Super Bowl 49 Game Props: Either NE/Sea Score in first 7.5 minutes No (+140)

If this is game plays out how most expect it to, I could actually see a few three and outs, a few punts and a long drive and before you know it you’re crossed that seven-and-a-half minute mark. This one could be easy money at +140 or someone runs the opening kickoff back and I chuck my nachos at my rented big screen.

Game Props: NE/Sea First Turnover Fumble (+140)

Neither quarterback is going to take too many risky chances, it’s the Super Bowl for gosh sakes. Plus both defenses feature hard-hitting, ball-hawking secondaries that fly around and tackle the football. I’m thinking one of the lesser-known receivers in this game (maybe Edelman, Amendola, or Kearse) gets stripped trying to reach for extra yards and puts the pill on the carpet.

Game Props: NE Pats First Pass Interference Penalty (+105)

Dude, Patriots corner Brandon Browner was the most penalized defender in the NFL this season. Plus, he’s going to be all hyped up playing against his ex-team he’s going to be grabby and physical if you ask me. Seattle has a physical secondary, but they are more of a zone team. This one could be easy money. I’m all over Pats at +105 on this one.

Super Bowl 49 MVP: Rob Gronkowski +400

The injury to Earl Thomas is the bigger and the more severe of the two injuries in the Seahawks secondary, which is why I think Gronk has a big game. Safe money goes on a quarterback to win the MVP, but this is a prop bet. I’m picking Gronkowski in hopes this one cashes and I can use the 4-to-1 to help me forget about all of the other bets I placed on the wagers above.

Good luck to all if you wager (yeah, right if), and most of all enjoy the game. Once its over we’ll have to go six months without the joy of NFL football.