Superbowl XLIV Prop Bets – Picks

Superbowl XLIV Prop Bets and Picks: The Best Proposition Wagers Offered at SportsInteraction
by Badger of

Lets continue to surf the best offshore sportsbooks on the Web to
see where we can find the best Superbowl XLIV proposition bets. Weve looked at BoDog, BetUS and already, so
heres the best SuperBowl prop bets currently available at SportsInteraction.


Highest scoring half Indianapolis 1st (-125), 2nd (-111)

Neither one of these offer great odds, but Im going to eat a little
chalk here and predict that the Colts will score more points after
halftime. Just like last week against the Jets, it will likely take a
quarter, quarter-and-a-half for Peyton Manning to figure out what the
Saints are doing to try and bring pressure and disguise coverage.
Once he figures it out, look out. Take the second half at -111.

Team to score last touchdown? Saints (+110), Colts (-152)

If this game turns out the way the betting public is leaning, with
the Colts as 6-point favorites and rising, then wouldnt make sense
that the Saints will be forced to play chase and score a late TD to
close the gap? Ill take the Saints with the better odds of +110.


Team to commit last turnover Saints (-120) or Colts (-120)

If you agree with the above scenario, with the Saints forced to throw
to play catch up late in the game, then this prop piggybacks the
other one. Brees is forced to throw into coverage and Indy ends the
game with an game-ending interception. Saints -120 is my pick.


MVP Drew Brees (+300), Joseph Addai (+800) and Reggie Bush (+1600)

Using a classic short-middle-long scheme, Ill take Brees at +300
instead of Manning at even money as my short. My middle, Addai at
+800, is the cover just in case Indy wins and for some reason its
not Manning (all of the Indy receivers are negated by Manning
anyway). Bush and his electric ability to break punts and big plays
is a great long value at 16-to-1.

To score a Touchdown Anytime Pierre Garcon +110

Garcon is going to be a tough matchup on the outside for both Greer and Porter because of his size and strength, especially against
Porter. Austin Collie is the same price (+110) so take your pick here
between the two, but Im taking Garcon.

Total Passing Yards Peyton Manning Over 300.5 (-139), Under 300.5 (+100)

A lot of the prop odds on anything Manning are so far out of wack
that you basically have to stay away from him completely, but this
one is might be worthy. Worthy, based on the theory that if Manning
is great and the Colts are covering the 6-points (current point
spread) they should be running the football more. He won his first
MVP on just 260-some yards, so its not like 300 is a magic number.
Im going under 300.5 for even money +100.

Peyton Piata Pick Match Peyton total pass yds and well pay 44/1

Currently listed as a bet but closed, you can bet Ill throw a fin or
maybe a ten on the number. Since Im advocating him having less than
300.5 yards above, Ill take a number just a curly-hair away from
lethal like 298.

National Anthem How long it will take to sing the Anthem? Over/Under 1:38.5

This bet is also listed but currently closed. Once it opens if the over is -120 or less Id buy. Ive seen this number as high as 1:42
at other sites, so the over is certainly attainable for Carrie

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