Week 1 NFL Betting – Some Things to Ponder

Week 1 NFL Betting – Some Things to Ponder
by Predictem.com Staff

There is no better time of year than the start of a fresh NFL season. Sports bettors will be out in full force looking to get down on anything and everything they can because their starving for action.

In all the excitement, rational thinking will be lost and many will end up with an empty wallet by the time the Sunday Night Football game comes rolling around.

The reason for this is that most recreational bettors will pick up a newspaper and make their selections blindly instead of doing their homework.

You simply can’t bet on 2007 NFL football games based on what teams did last year. During the offseason, many professional football teams change personnel (The Colts!), incur injuries and or have players retire or not make the team, creating a whole new environment full of new names, faces and abilities.

Other things to consider are that younger teams are maturing and turning into veteran teams and veteran teams are getting older and losing their shot at contention.

What happened yesterday is no indication of what is going to happen today. What happened LAST SEASON is SURELY no indication of what is going to happen this season.

Take this nonchalant way of thinking and then sprinkle in the fact that the bookies know that the general betting public has a natural tendency to root for the favorites and the over bets, and now you have a situation where they can sneak in and inflate the point spread sucking the value out of the favorites and essentially having their way with your wallet with you betting into favorite lines that are inflated and that lack value.

On an unrelated note, don’t forget that baseball betting is still an option. What’s better than gambling on a sport without having to deal with a point spread? There’s some great money to be made during the end of a MLB season. Don’t let that great opportunity slip away!

Putting this article to work, the Saints look like a great play at +6 this week.