Week 4 NFL Lines and Betting Odds – 2007

Week 4 NFL Football Point Spreads and Betting Odds

by Predictem.com Staff

Week 3 of the 2008 NFL season pretty much went as expected. The Chiefs proved that their as bad as they’ve looked so far as they got blown out by Atlanta and a rookie QB. The same could be said for Houston, OR is Tennessee’s D really that good? The Bengals showed signs of life as they only lost by 3 to New York.

Carolina and Minnesota battled in what was a closer game than the scoreboard indicated. The Rams and Lions continued to show their swiss cheese defense and the Saints and Broncos dueled in a shootout that yielded 68 total points with the Broncos winning by a slight margin. Some might say the Jags going into Indy and winning was a surprise, but not us folks, Indy is not as good as advertised and surely not the same team that won the Super Bowl recently. To their credit, they do have a bunch of injuries though.

The lone surprise was the Miami Dolphins coming back from the dead to blowout the Patriots AT New England. Is the loss of Tom Brady that detrimental to the team or has The Big Tuna worked has magic one more time?

Week 4 promises to be another exciting weekend to sit on the couch and suck down cervezas. We’ll all see how big of heart KC has as their getting 10 at home vs. the Broncos. Houston travels to Jacksonville getting 7.5 and are almost sure money to get blown out. The Falcons were originally getting 9 from Carolina but have quickly been bet down to 7 as they have newfound respect. We do believe Carolina gets the best of them though and takes home the winning ticket.

In what might be the game of the week, Minny visits Tennessee and is getting 3. Will Tennessee continue to put up nasty defense numbers and hold a tough Minny team down? We think so. (and that coming from one who hates to lay points). The Pack visit T.B. in what should be a thriller.

Sunday night should be a GREAT game with Philly going into Soldier Field in Chicago and laying 3 points to a much improved Bear team. We close it out Monday with a game that was thought to be better than what it will be, Baltimore visiting Pittsburgh in which we may not see Big Ben due to injury and Willie Parker has already been ruled out. I guess that’s not such a bad thing though, because the world is in for a treat (or at least those who never watched Illini college foots) as Rashard Mendenhall will be center stage for his first test of what should be 20+ carries. This kid is good folks.

Wherever you may be…. Always remember and never forget; THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Enjoy the games everybody!

Sunday, September 28th

Denver Broncos -10 vs. Kansas City Chiefs +10
Total: 46.5

Cleveland Browns +3.5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals -3.5
Total: 44.5

Houston Texans +7.5 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars -7.5
Total: 41.5

Arizona Cardinals +1.5 vs. New York Jets -1.5
Total: 45

San Francisco 49ers +5.5 vs. New Orleans Saints -5.5
Total: 48.5

Atlanta Falcons +7 vs. Carolina Panthers -7
Total: 39.5

Minnesota Vikings +3 vs. Tennessee Titans -3
Total: 36

Green Bay Packers +1 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1
Total: 43

Bufffalo Bills -8 vs. St. Louis Rams +8
Total: 41.5

San Diego Chargers -7.5 vs. Oakland Raiders +7.5
Total: 45.5

Washington Redskins +11 vs. Dallas Cowboys -11
Total: 46

Philadelphia Eagles -3 vs. Chicago Bears +3
Total: 41

Monday Night Football; September 29th

Baltimore Ravens +7 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers -7
Total: 34.5

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