Roulette Strategy: Scouting the Wheel

Roulette Strategy: Scouting the Wheel
by Wilson of

Roulette players will often scout a table for numbers that repeat more frequently than others. This strategy is pretty common in most casinos. The idea is to take advantage of any glitches in the roulette wheel. This can also be referred to as a bias in the roulette wheel. According to experts and manufacturers of roulette wheels, a perfectly balanced wheel on average will show a number about once every thirty-eight spins. Some players, who have a lot of time on their hands, will simply observe a roulette table for at least thirty-eight spins in an attempt to find a bias. There are flawed wheels out there, but rest assured that casino management routinely checks roulette wheels for imperfections and will quickly replace or repair accordingly. The casinos cant afford to lose their edge; if they did, there wouldnt be any casinos!

Most casinos now days have an electronic board that charts the results of the previous twenty spins. It seems odd that a casino would openly help players scout the previous sequence of numbers at a roulette table. Well, casinos always think about making money first, and in their eyes what better way to attract players then to offer them a little assistance in the scouting process. I know it sounds strange that a casino would try to help a player win, but lets look at the behind the scenes reality of the houses motivation. By providing a scouting report of numbers (previous twenty numbers) at the roulette table enables the casino to actually get more people to play as opposed to just standing there looking for a repetitive number. If people know the last twenty numbers it makes their job easier, and they are more likely to buy in which is exactly what the casinos want them to do!


In a nutshell, a casinos main goal is to get as many players playing as possible at all times. A casino that does not have an electronic or at least some sort of charting board available for players will usually not have as many participants thus they ultimately will not make as much money. Also, to get a true numbers chart of a roulette table a player would have to observe nearly five hundred spins – thats a lot of spins!

By chance if you come across a roulette wheel that does show an irregularity then take advantage of the situation. For example, if you notice a set of numbers that repeat regularly you should bet these numbers every spin. Try and play the same numbers for at least one round of thirty eight spins as this would be a true tale of the bias. If you are winning after the first round take your winnings and split them in half, bury one half in your pocket and continue to bet with the other half. Never walk away from a winning session.

The scouting strategy is a seasoned strategy. Many roulette players love to find an edge and some do, but it takes a lot of patience. If you have the time and a good amount of money to actually play it through, then the scouting or charting strategy may be right for you. Remember, you will be at a casino which will likely offer you free drinks (specifically alcohol) which is another tactic to obscure the players judgment. Scouting a table takes a long time, if you favor alcoholic beverages make sure you use in moderation or you may lose your patience and bet erratically and fall into the houses trap! Luck to ya.