UFC 162 Picks – Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman

UFC 162 Picks
When: July 6th 2013
Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas NV
TV: Prelims starting at 8pm EST Fuel TV and FX. Main Event at 10pm EST PayPerView only!
by Tim of Predictem.com

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Fight Analysis: Coming from UFC 161 in Canada, UFC 162 is hauling a heavy duty fight-card promising to give us another Jerry Krause story. Huge energy usually spills from the rafters of the Grand Garden Arena and UFC 162 should spank this crowd into a frenzy producing the Ultimate Octagon Experience. UFC 161 only succeeded in producing 1 TKO and 1 Submission stoppage so theres blood in the water for all the fighters headed for this July 6th clash. UFC 162 should be much more intense than 161.

Anderson Silva needs to lose very soon. Silva is brash, controversial, cocky and every bit unconventional. But what Silva also possesses is a ghost; his taunting of opponents inside the cage has gone from Showtime to Snore-time which only brings in more and more PPV observers. Ive seen it in sports a thousand times: A guy gets too big for his britches and ends up getting smoked! SILVA WILL LOSE!…it just might not be at UFC 162, but it is going to happen; bank on it! There is also an added feature to this Silva Drama at UFC 162. Silva might be coming in hurt. Dana White loves St.-Pierre, and a St. Pierre/Silva Superfight (or Jones/Silva) is working around MMA. The bottom might fall out for everyone if Weidman gets lucky putting St.-Pierre and Jones in a must-have UFC showdown. The best scenario is: Silva crushes Weidman, St.-Pierre loses his mind and asks for Silva, and Silva/St.-Pierre meet in Madison Square Garden for the 20th Anniversary of UFC. If that happens, the UFC has nowhere to go and a 2nd (competing) Organization like UFC rolls into to town giving the viewers better fights. Other than that; UFC 162 is loaded with some pretty good talent like Roger Gracie, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar. Not sure why Edgar gets on the Card? But, hes on itmaybe because he faced BJ Penn (overrated) twice? Hmmm, lets check out the fights.

Anderson Silva (33-4-0) (-280) vs. Chris Weidman (9-0-0) (+220)
They call Silva the Spider and they need to call Weidman The Mailman. Weidman Tells his punches and/or kicks about 2 seconds before special delivering only to the weakest opponents. Weidman telegraphs virtually every strike playing right into Silvas Slip and Counter strategy. Im not sure why Silva took this fightmaybe hes going to break-out a new taunting technique and needs tons of time and an unwillingness towards persistency from his opponent to pull it off? Not only cant Weidman fight in Silvas class, I believe Weidman forgot how to wrestle?! But this doesnt mean Weidman cant win. As Weidman pronounced Im not fighting a Superhero?!. That is precisely a true statement from Weidman. What Weidman is fighting in Silva is a legend that can punch with you, wrestle with you, counter with you, is faster, stronger, and owns more leverage than you. Anderson Silva is not a Superhero; Superheroes dont exist. What Anderson Silva is: Silvas a 1st or 2nd round TKO or Tap Out for Weidman. After this fight is over, Weidman may be hoping he faced a Superhero instead of Silva! Submission or KO Silva!

Frankie Edgar (14-4-1)(-500) vs. Charles Oliveira (16-3-0)(+350)
Frankie The Answer Edgar has become The Question after losing his last three in a row! Edgar calls the losses a bump in the road but its looking more like a zit on 15 year-olds face to me. Since Edgar bounced to Featherweight hes found wins while groping in the dark. Edgar is a fan favorite and UFC President Dana White has obliged the crowd by lining up Oliveira as the perfect late night snack for Edgar. Oliveira is renowned for his Heart in fights—Heart is what observers label a fighter who cant punch, kick, engineer submission holds or carry a tune! Oliveira is from Brazil thoughso through osmosishe still cant kick, punch etc. etc. etc. Ive heard Oliveira is a great cook, though? Also, Get rid of the goofy nickname Do Bronx Charlie! I know it means The Ghetto in Portuguese but lifes tough all over for everyone and I dont see any Billionaires Club Members stepping into the Octagon; the nickname is spurious and precocious. Edgar in a submission hold and very quickly I believe. Unless Edgar forgot how to win?

My Pick to Win: Frankie Edgar. Because Olieira isnt in Frankies Class

Mark Munoz (12-3-0)(-155) vs. Tim Boetsch (16-5-0)(+125)
Middle of the Pack Journeymen comes to mind when I think of these 185 pounders. Sure, both will walk around the Octagon purposefully and Boetsch will fling a jab or two, but these guys are more afraid of protecting from a submission or KO than taking full control of the fight right from the start; it is the reason these two arent the Main Event. Until either man-or both-quit square dancing and destroy their opponents, theyll always remain a Prelim to a great fighter.

My Pick to Win: Tim Boetsch. Im not exactly certain why I like Boetsch? Maybe because Munoz put a picture of his 24 bone spurs on Twitter? Anyone doing that has to be a little goofy. I think I like Boetsch because Munoz, when he had his Shot at the title vs. Weidman, got crushed by the moment. Boetsch in a decision.

Tim Kennedy (15-4-0)(-135) vs. Roger Gracie ( 6-1-0)(+105)
Gracie is a submissions specialistand a very good one for certain! Kennedy will bust chops, submit, or anything else to win. Quite honestly, I believe this fight should be the Headliner of UFC 162. We have 2 respectful gentlemen in this fight willing to engage any time, any place, and go anywhere to do it. This fight will be absolutely interesting and entertaining and nothing like a Nick Diaz fight (I like Diazand his crapola grandstanding is genuinethats why I like him). Gracie needs more confidence to be a Champion, and he is going to be a Champion. Kennedy needs a break and his respectful behavior is limiting him as a Main Event draw. Gracie is from the fighting Gracie family but I believe Kennedy has too much experience to overcome. This fight is a toss-up as it should be; 2 excellent fighters that have brains and dignity. The fight between these 2 could become a 4 fight rematch because of the quality of fighters here.

Kennedy: Kennedy just has too much experience for Gracie in this fight. Doubtful either will be submitted or KOed; this one goes to the scoring cards (politics) and Kennedy by decision.