UFC 175 Picks: Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machido – Urijah Faber vs. Alex Caceres – Rousey vs. Davis

When:July 5, 2015 10pm EST
Where:Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas NV
by Tim, UFC Handicapper, Predictem.com

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Fight Analysis:

UFC 175 picks up where UFC 174 left us on the side of the road; pleading for a Primetime Competitive Headline Fight! Essentially, UFC 174 proved, We need some more decent fighters entering the UFC! UFC 175 ensures us Weidman vs. Machido will be the gravy on the biscuits. Dont bet on itWeidman destroyed Silva more than once and Machido has a boatload of Non-Quality wins in his swimming trunks. Machido did beat Silva—-but it was The Other Silva (Thiago) and not the Real Silva. Since then, Machido visited an Old Folks Home and put a wedgie on gone but not forgotten Randy Couture. Before that little bit of Old Man beatdown, Machido was dismantled by Rampage Jackson and Mauricio Ruathen the Couture wedgiethen thrown into the guillotine once again by the BoneMan. Machido did come up LARGE in front of bustling hometown Brazilian crowd by being Decisioned from a ABC Network Executive and former Chef Phil P-Daddy Davis (he wasnt a Chef or Network Execbut rumor has it Davis makes a great Quiche!! Sorry Teddy Atlas; one of the great lines ever delivered!). Rounding out the Top billing is a Super Dee Duper matchup of B-Cups between Ronda (Mamma Misspell) Rousey and Alexis Davis. The girls will be Getting it on snapping bras, exchanging glances, and basically trying to reorganize femininity into their own destructive images. UFC 175 has a couple of other fairly interesting matchups. Lets take a look inside the 8-sided La Cage Inapproprie worth the PPV toll!

Chris Weidman(11-0-0) (-185) vs.Lyoto Machido(21-4-0)(+165)
Lyoto Machido is an MMA fighter. Machido has a couple of fists and a few feet. Machido lost to Dan Henderson badly and appears destined for a wonderful life outside of MMA. Weidman will give Machido a Grande Exit. Rumor has it Machido was a last second decision after Brazilian Futbol star Ronaldinho backed out of this fight to attend a weddingjust a rumor Im told. Look, this is a—I dont even have words for it? This is Rutgers vs. Florida State, Trump vs. me, Iraq in Desert Storm, Desert Swarm, The Mohave Desert, or any Desert you can imagine! Weidman was injured in training (blew a knee sorta) and got cut on by the local Doc. The only way Machido beats Weidman is if the Doctor was a Proctologist and Weidman comes out singing Ole Suzanna! Oh dont you cry for me! Machido is an oft caught and filleted Fish who needs a beating from Weidman tendering his retirement. Cut it out Dana White! sending these tomato cans into the Octagon to be pureed! Nuff said with respect to this HeadlinerSend in the Clowns, theres got to be clowns. Dont bother, theyre here. Weidman in a laugher.

Urijah Faber(30-7-0)(-500) vs.Alex Caceres(10-5-0)(+375)
Quite frankly, I believed Faber was an incredibly dynamic Superstar in the makinguntil he got all filled up with himself and became a Kook. Today, Faber is extremely talented in every single aspect of MMA but hes dissolved into a mouthy, insolent paper tiger in search of himself. Caceres meanwhile looks like the second coming of Rudy Ray Moore in Dolemite! Faber is probably 100 times the fighter Caceres seems to be, and the massive leap in Class for Caceres may be overwhelming for his psyche. I just cant help but wish good things for Caceres inside the Octagon. This matchup will be mental between these twoguyyyssss. It appears if Caceres can focus he can take Faber out since Faber doesnt appear to know who the crap he is?! Im taking Caceres in this fight even though Caceres needs a step ladder to belong in Fabers class. Class is what Faber needs right now and doesnt haveand the road to perdition is paved with mouthy Kooks!

My Prediction to Win:Caceres in an upset. I believe the Dahlia Lama, speaking on the subject of aggression, once said, If that dumb bastard SOB climbs this mountain one more time, Im gonna smoke him with my Gat!!! And thats it in a nutshell. Men who live alone on mountaintops end up old, nasty, and beaten. Faber gets surprised and moves down from his domicile draped by celestial mirrors of himself. Dana White gets what he wants albeit accidentally!

Ronda Rousey(9-0-0)(-850) vs.Alexis Davis(16-5-0)(+525)
Women shouldnt be hanging knuckles on other women. If that makes me a bad man then so be itsomeone MUST SAY SOMETHING!

My Pick to Win:The winner in this matchup is every single female that wanted to be a bouncer, loan shark, or a Clint Eastwoods double in Hang Em High. Having meth addicts cruise YouTube for chick beatdowns keeps them off the streets of Bakersfield. Putting it on PPV is a huge step back for mankind. This fight isn’t worth betting. Your time is much better spent looking for prop bets at 5Dimes.