So You Had a Bad Day – Dealing with Losing

So You Had a Bad Day
by Staff

So you had a bad day. Everything you bet lost. It didn’t just lose by a run, a point or a missed field goal, you tanked out bigtime and none of your games even came close to cashing your ticket. If this scenario has happened to you, comfort yourself in knowing that your not the first and surely not the last to say that they’ve been there.

When experiencing a day like this, many thoughts will go through your head. Anger, depression and even the words “I’m never going to bet again.” You will blame the players, yourself and anything else that you can before you realize the truth. Shit happens.

Since “chit” happens, this is the reason that you must learn to utilize proper money management. In other words, you can’t let one day hurt you. You can’t even let a bad week or month hurt you. Stick to betting 2% of your bankroll and you will avoid such a catastrophe. Nothing sucks worse than having to start over next payday with a new bankroll that is more than likely too small.

Taking all this to the next level, don’t let your bad day extend itself any further than it has to. Tanking in sports betting and then looking for a bailout bet in a high stakes poker game or online casino is highly unrecommended.

Your bad day has likely put you on tilt and your emotions have gotten the best of you. While all-in or a fat bet at the roulette table on red or black may seem like an appealing thought, don’t you dare do it because your more than likely going to tank out. Why? Well, for starters, unless your a pro poker player, the odds are against you. Furthermore, your judgement is clouded. Avoid making this mistake at all costs.

Poker requires a clear head to win and casino action is nothing more than entertainment in which you are going to lose, it’s just a matter of how soon because the odds are indeed stacked against you.

After a bad day at the sportsbook, shut it down and call it a day, because there is always another game, another hand and another spin of the wheel. All which should be approached with a clear head and balanced emotions.

Until next time, good luck with your action!