Stop Losing, Start Winning! The Skinny on Sports Betting Picks

Stop Losing, Start Winning! The Skinny on Sports Betting Picks

Many diehard sports fans flock to the sportsbooks each day with high hopes of making easy money and hitting a parlay for a big score. Many of those same people walk away at day’s end with an empty wallet. Those who were fortunate enough to beat the spread will eventually crap out as well, whether it be due to lack of bankroll management, poor bet selection or simply not having the proper information to win long term.

A common misconception is that a guy only has to hit 50% of his bets to break even. The truth is, a guy has to hit 52.38% to beat the bookies. The extra 2.38% doesn’t sound like much, however, it is. It’s the difference between a bookie driving a cadillac and you having an empty wallet or hitting the atm machine before the second set of Sunday NFL games.

For those who partake in sports betting for entertainment, it’s just the cost of doing business and an acceptable practice to lose your money. After all, if you took your family of 5 to a movie, you’d surely drop $50 for tickets as well as at least $30 for popcorn, candy and pop. If you took your wife to the mall, you’d probably be out 3x that much. Entertainment is entertainment. It has a cost and it’s completely acceptable to lose and not have any hard feelings over it.

For those that bet on games with the expectation of winning and as for an investment, the result is often times the same (getting smoked), but as long as you’re approaching it this way, you constantly need to find ways to get better and gain an edge. After years of playing and losing, this can seem like a hopeless proposition.

The truth of the matter is that if you want your sports betting picks to win long term, you have to study OODLES of information. You must eat, breathe and live sports. This is impossible to do if you have a day job. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And if you have a family? Forget about it! Your day is already jammed up with time commitments. Don’t you dare bring kids into this world and neglect them either. They need all the attention they can get from you to survive in today’s world.

So what is a guy to do if he wants to bet on sports and not get smoked? Similar to the stock market, you need to find an analyst/handicapper. The problem is most analysts can’t win at sports betting. Did you know that only approximately 3% of people who bet on sports long term win? And out of those 3% many don’t have the time to market/sell themselves to the public because they’re too busy studying and looking for an edge. This process starts over each day so they are constantly buried with the absorbtion of information.

Another problem with hiring a handicapper is their cost. Most of these guys are selling picks for a price that makes it impossible to come out ahead even if they did win! Let’s look at an example:

The capper puts out 100 plays over the course of 4 months. Each play costs you $25. You have invested $2500 to receive these 100 plays.

Let’s assume this capper wins long term and hits an astronomical rate of 58%.

Assuming that you are wagering $110 to win $100 (You should be wagering $105 to win $100 at 5Dimes where they offer discounted betting odds!) your stats would look like this:

58 wins = +5800

42 losses = -4620 (42x$110 risked)

This gives you a net profit of $1180.

Now you subtract the $2500 that you paid the capper and you come out $1320 in the red! You just received professional winning plays and beat the tar out of the book and ended up over a dime in the red! That’s unsustainable and a sure way to find yourself in the poorhouse! This equation could obviously turn into a winning one if you were to increase your bet size to around $250 per bet, but the reality is most guys are small fish betting much less than $100/game and most cappers can’t hit 58%! There are many sites on the web touting they hit 65% or higher but they’re full of crap.

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