College Basketball Props – Bets

College Basketball Prop Bets
by Staff

College basketball props are bets that could be best defined
as a “non standard” type of wager.

These bets may consist of propositions such as:

– Player vs. player to score the most points.

– Who will have the most assists in the game.

– Team to make the most 3 point field goals.

– Team to get the most rebounds.

Prop bets can also be adjusted point spreads where the book moves thing line by any number of points and offers a higher payout on the favorite or higher juice on the underdog.


Basically, a prop bet can be any type of wager that is considered to be out of the norm. Their fun to play but you need to beware when approaching these wagers. Many look too good to be true and are sucker bets.

The ones that look too good to be true more often than not LOSE so if you see something like this, consider either taking the “ugly” side of the wager or passing.

One example we like to use, which was actually an NBA prop, not a college basketball prop is as follows:

One day way back when, the Suns were playing the Utah Jazz. A prop was available in which there was a wager offered for most points scored between Suns All-Star Charles Barkley and Jazz reserve point guard Howard Eisley. This seemed like a no brainer so we laid our whole bankroll on it. Well, guess what happened, Eisley outscored Barkley in the game and the result wasn’t even close.

In the above example, the book had good info on the game. What it was, we’ll still never know, but we bit bigtime and paid the price. Let our hardship be an example to ya!