TCU Horned Frogs vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders Betting Odds – Pick Against the Spread

TCU Horned Frogs (3-0 SU, 1-2 ATS) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-0 SU, 2-1 ATS)
College Football Week 4
Date/Time: Saturday September 26, 2015, 4:30pm ET
Where: Jones TCU AT&T Stadium
by Tim B., NCAA Football Handicapper,

Point Spread:TCU -8/TTU +8
Over/Under Total: 79

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Polish up your finger pistols Lubbock theres a damn Horned Fog invasion fixin to color the West Texas prairie purple. TCU and the rest of Fort Worths super-couth posers plan on caravanning just to see if it is true; TCU now has a 100% electrically powered scoreboard! Dont hate the player-hate the game. TCU blows across the windswept land after dusting off SMU 56-37 last weekend. Texas Tech prepares this week for the Horned Frogs following a much needed mouth shutting of the Bret Bielema led Arkansas Hogs, 35-24. Get yer hip waders on Granny! Them frogs is piling up like buns in the oven at a backdoor diner! Its TCU v Texas Tech. Lets see if it will be a Lubbock lay down or frosted frog this Saturday.

TCU slipped past the Sheriff last week versus SMU leading by only a squigin in the fourth quarter before hitting passing gear and putting the Mustangs away 56-37. TCU is banged up defensivelyand it shows like a raspberry stain on an egg-white Tuxedo! TCU struggled playing a middle of the road Minnesota team Week 1 beating the Golden Gophers 23-17 in a game where neither team seemed interested to compete. Of course, TCU was like a kid in a candy patch in Week 2 throttling defenseless Stephen F. Austin 70-7 at home. But SMU settled neatly into TCUs rocking chair last week looking comfy and like they owned the place. SMUnot BaylorSMU shoved 508 yards of total offense down TCUs mouth and if it wasnt for TCU QB Trevone Boykin, TCU would be running corner car washes to help replace the money lost by poor ticket sales around campus! Boykin threw for 454 yards and five touchdowns against the Mustangs and added a rushing touchdown for good measure. But Pattersons You Win With Defense philosophy looks to be on the Injured Reserve list like most of TCUs 2015 pre-season defensive starters. To make matters worse in 2015, TCU graduated 5 All-Big 12 defenders BEFORE this rash of injuries hit the headlines. This year, both starting LinebackersMike Freeze and Sammy Douglas—are out, and 2014 Sack leader James McFarland is lost for the year after breaking a toe on a sprinkler head. All-World Defensive Tackle Davion Pierson is still parked at the wishing well with a head injury and doubtful for at least the first 6 TCU games in 2015. Safety Kenny Iloka is done, Defensive End Mike Tuaua has drifted into the Undisclosed, but he wont be back soon frontier, while top Corner Ranthony Texada (Ranthony????) said Bye Bye to the rest of the 2015 season after blowing a knee in the first half against SMU. What does all of this mean? It means the 2nd string Defense knee deep in freshmen are now TCUs front line defenders! How bad is on defense for TCU? CB Derrick Kindred leads the TCU defense in total tackles withwait for it12 total tackles! Not 12 total tackles last week, or the last two weeks. 12 total tackles in 3 games! How will Texas Tech react?? Lets take a look.


Texas Tech throws more passes around the yard than a Democrat at a Teamsters BBQ ! Texas Tech is Number 2 in the nation in passing offense but theyll always be around the tops in the passing chart since running the ball is seems pretty close to carrying around a case of leprosy around Lubbock. Around Lubbocknow theres a phrase without meaning. There really is no East Lubbock, West Lubbock, or any other Lubbock. There is simply the place with buildings where people congregate, slums, bars, banks, and then the outside of this area is sand, and wind shear, stick bushes, and cows; go to that place and youll know you arent in Lubbock any longer. Looks like someone got to Kliff Kingsbury at the Tech Booster Club Meeting over the summer telling Kingsbury you need to grow a pair and get tough, boy after going 4-8 overall and 2-7 in conference while letting TCU put 82 on his defense-less team in 2014. So what does half beard do? He lays into a picturesque target (if there ever was one) namely Arkansas Razorback Head Coach Hermann Goring who day after day looks like he is smelling a family of 12 outhouse during a July heat wave! I cant figure Kingsbury out? He seems like a nice guy, he seems like he knows how to run a Mike Leach offense, but, as is the current rule around the Big 12, If one of you damn coaches even think about playing defense youll be fired on the spot—except Kansas StateThe Grandfather Clause goes to my neighbor and current host of PBSs All About Corn Bill Snyder—Period! Tough living around Lubbock. The drunks and billies are either with ya or theyre thinking up the easiest possible route to drag your coaching corpse down a long and dusty road. The miracle is Mike Leach was able to put roots down among the Red Raider faithful. I thought Leach appeared almost like the weird Piano Teacher who always hung out with the best looking women, was a little off kilter, not married, and seemed quirky but harmless. Anyway, Tech doesnt play defense either but they have no one hurt. Tech will put up numbers because they are built like ADHDers >>>> Just focus on one thing Baby!

Who are we kidding here? Tech and TCU arent going anywhere because Tech never plays D and TCU is paranoid now considering they cant play D with all the hurts. Boykin goes down and you might as well spend the rest of TCUs season watching ex-heroin addicts climbing the walls at an Outreach Center. TCUs main man Patterson has made one, single, monumental error with this defense stuff: All those 2nd and 3rd stringers are good enough to play on the opposite side of the ball; 95% of all your players played multiple positions. Heres a novel idea for PattersonMaybe, just maybe, number Whatever should be playing Cornerback instead of WR or RB and you just made a mistake Forcing the kid to play on the wrong side of the ball. If it was my team, Id line up the fastest, quickest 2nd and 3rd stringers and find out who really is the fastest and quickest. Then, Id ask the kid, Can you move to Safety or would you like to get in for one play every fourth game and no one knows your name? This is an OPPORTUNITY for TCU to find some real players right in their system which the TCU Staff may have put in the wrong position. It happened last yearand TCU looked good for doing it.

If youre a defensive minded viewer in this game you might as well just gouge your eyes out with a railroad spike before kickoff. The defense in this game will make the Maginot Line look like it was page 1, Chapter 1, straight outta Sun Tzus The Art of War! The depth of defensive disinterest between these two teams might be considered a criminal conspiracy if football were not a game (What? That makes no sense). TCUs Defensive Coordinator Dick Bump City Bumpas goes wayyyy back to HC Gary Pattersons playing days suggesting Bump City and GP had at least one conversation concerning HOW to play defense on the collegiate level. Thats unfair. Patterson has had a few very good defensive units and this 2015 defensive team has been lost in the vacuum of injury (Im being kindBump City only had one good defensive teamreference the Andy Dalton era. As for Mr. Kingsbury; When Leach says jump you say, How High??!!; When Leach says pass you say, How Many??!!; and When Leach says defense you say Call 9-1-1!! Kingsbury looks to be a really, really, really great soldierbut hes hardly a rock solid, single-minded, independent thinker necessarygood or badto be a successful and enduring leader. Kingsbury is going to make someone in the NFL a wonderful Offensive Coordinator next year! Is Kingsbury going to quit? No, of course Kingsbury will not quit. But when the Tech faithful watch 3-0 turn into 5-7 like last years debacle, the Tech faithful will have had enough. In this game there are too many uncertainties. What is known is: Tech and TCU score points in handfuls and neither play D. Take the OVER and run to the bank!

Tim Bs Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Grab the OVER 79

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