Winning College Football Handicapping – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Handicappers

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Football Handicappers
by Jerald of

It is said that only 2% of all gamblers make money and that the other 98% lose money. Whether you bet on college football for a living or just for recreation, here are 7 habits that if you employ will help your bottom line.

1. Get the best number possible You must shop around for the best price. You should have a minimum of 4 books to choose from so that you can get the best number available. Diligent line shopping can turn several losers into winners. Example – If you play 10 games a week and for 12 weeks of the regular season that would be 120 games. If you are a 54% that means you would win approximately 65 games. If you could turn just 6 of those games from losers to winners you would change your win % from 54% to 59%. Of course you may not always change a loser to winner but you can turn a loser into a push or a push into a win which will still greatly affect your win %. Compare sportsbooks at our reviews page.

2. Stick with straight bets Many recreational players play a high volume of parlays. These bets are considered sucker bets and require a large house edge to play. Stick to straight bets and see your bottom line increase.

3. Analyze your wager after the game is completed This is important for future reference. There are many times when a game is handicapped correctly but still loses. If you realize this then at least you know that the basis for the wager was sound and in similar circumstances in the future you can play with confidence.

4. Know where the value lies The linemaker knows which side the people will lean to and they make the line accordingly. If a team has a great showing for a National TV appearance you can be sure that the linemaker will bump the line up by a point or 2 for nexts week game. This is also true of the teams that are always hyped up by ESPN, the general public likes to bet these teams no matter what the price is so the linemaker will inflate the line.

5. Watch the line moves If a line moves try to determine why it is moving. Is there some information that you arent aware of like and injury? Is the line moving because of public perception? One thing that I like to look for is if the public is on the favorite but the line is actually decreasing. In these cases it usually means that the sharp players are on the underdog and can present a good wagering opportunity. Related: College Football Line Movement.

6. Money management This is almost as crucial as actually picking winners. You must employ a sound money management approach and stick to it. I recommend only playing straight bets for a defined percentage of your bankroll (I suggest 2%). There are a number of people that recommend unit betting but I find that the flat bets work best for me.

7. Bankroll – You must have a defined bankroll that is money used only for your gambling. This MUST be money that is above and beyond your normal living expense. If you are playing with the rent money or your grocery money you are setting yourself up for trouble down the road.