AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am Picks

Tournament: AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
Date: Thurs.-Sun. February 6-9th, 2014
Course: Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach CA
TV: Thurs-Fri. Golf Channel, Sat.-Sun. CBS
by Tim, PGA Golf Handicapper,

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The moon shines brightly over the shark infested Cypress Point Rock 80 nautical miles south of San Francisco Bat. Today, the PGA TOUR guys mark daybreak for the 2014 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this weekend! The history and aura of Pebble Beach stirs golf fans nationwide as Pebble stands as the last, great, public course venue in an oftentimes droll, entitled, country club golf tournament atmosphere. Fortunately the long tentacles of wealth havent smothered this Greatest of All Courses from the average working stiffs accessibility; we can all dream of one day playing at Forever public Pebble Beach! Well, dreamslike golf tournamentsend. Arnold Palmer, Peter Ueberroth, and Clint Eastwood brought their money machine and played Beach Blanket Bingo devouring Pebble whole and crapping it out into a pile called Pebble Beach Resorts. Sure, ANYONE can play Pebble!!!! But one must first stay on the property (two-somes only at $1,000 per night! Beware: If you wanna play Pebble twiceYou must stay 2 nights!!!) and fork out $450 green fees plus cart! Thank You to the Old Man (Palmer), Self-Server (Ueberroth), and Lizard-Skin-Has-Been (Eastwood)! Anyway.who really cares, Ive played Pebble Beach and Bethpage Black (New York) and Id take Bethpage Black over Pebble ANYDAY of the week or weekend! The fellas are in town, Gretzky is fully armed with canned answers, Ray Romano will remind us what No-Talent Whiner really meansAnd the 2014 Whiner of Pebble Beach is: Ray Romano!–, slick as snot Kid Rock tees it up sending trailer parkers everywhere into a meth-fed euphoria, and Andy Who Cares Roddick are just a FEW of the B and C List Basement Celebrities on hand to screw up good golf viewing for the rest of us! Lets take a look at the Pros and see who might win this weeks All American pebble-tastic tournament!

Jim Furyk is in the 2014 Field so you know FedEx Cup points must be available! David Duval, Woody Austin, Briny Baird, and Dickey Pride are also in the Field meaning: This isnt a very strong field! This might be the easiest tournament all year to predict since historically, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is a Tour bottom feeder in Strength of Field (usually sits around 4th weakest tourney). The short list of Class in the 2014 Field includes: Dustin Johnson (2-time winner), Chris Kirk, Hunter Mahan, Jordan Speith, Jimmy Walker, and Jerry Kelly. Mickelsons in the Field but is nowhere near 100% after peeing down his leg at last weeks Phoenix Open (-4). Graeme McDowell, Rafael Cabrera-Bello, and K.J. Choi, add a little foreign spice to the Field making this years Pebble Beach a little more competitive. D.A. Points has won this tournament in the past and is entered this year. Vijay Singh and Brandt Snedecker also are past winners at Pebble though Vijays best years are firmly folded away in the Remember When drawer. Davis Love III is also a past winner and is in the tournament but Loves playing status in this tournament remains murky >>>> Professional or Amateur? Once-labeled Comedian Bill Murray has been put out to pastureFINALLYbut more clowns stand poised to take over Murrays Circus Act driving this tournament even further down in relevancy. We have Kid Rockand Kurt Russell (????)and Davis Love IIIwho will do their best to relive past accomplishments. But we do not have Robert Allenby to show us that playing golf past ones prime competitively takes up a spot for a P-L-A-Y-E-Rbut we do have Paul Goydos and The Comeback to rivet us into our seats!!


Dustin Johnson probably has the best shot of winning this tournament. Rumor has it that Johnsons handlers have requested a No Mirrors Allowed policy in Johnsons Staff Bag and instructed Johnsons Caddy to chant Thou Art Mortal. Thou Art Mortal. Thou Art Mortal to Johnson from parking lot thru the 18th green to keep Johnson grounded. K.J. Choi is probably my second pick and Speithif he can steer clear of Johnsons infectious arrogance—will most likely be a Top 5 finisher. McDowell is a question mark since his talents have parted with his desire somewhere around Hilton Head, but Hunter Mahan has it allincluding that disconnectedness with the rest of us parlayed while leading a tournament and checking out for the birth of his child (I have 6 of them—it isnt that big of a deal!)and Mahan must be considered one of the Top 3 Players in this tournament. Mickelson is a No Go complaining of lower back pain whichtruthfully—probably deciphers as Cant find a Fairway/Cant make a putt-itis; could be career ending. McDowell won the US Open here in 2010 and is now reaching for straws to find the Winners Circle. On intimidation, Id probably go with Kid Rock as most will fall short challenging Rocks I said I had a birdie M***** F***** , after each and every hole! The Rookies are looking to get into the Masters so theyre out too much pressure with the history of this course and Davis Love III will just not go away. Jason Day is in the Field meaning the Top 10 has only 9 spots left to fill. Heres how I see it.Mahan, Jerry Kelly, Speith, and Day with Day rolling out a 62 at Cypress.

Short Favorite: Jason Day (12 Odds to 1 to Win)
A true gentleman and a fantastic Player, Day epitomizes all the great qualities of a multiple winner this year. Hell get it off to a good start with this tournament.

Middle of the Road: Jordan Speith (22 Odds to 1 to Win)
Great Player.Speith can do it all. I picked him 3 times last year and he won twice.

Longshot: Jerry Kelly (100 Odds to 1 to Win)
Kelly is a tool—no doubt—but he knows how to win and walking shoulder-to-shoulder with a B-List Celeb makes Kelly feel almost at home. He can get it done here if no one goes deep 6 Under par.

Head to Head Matches *Picks to win based on final score after all four rounds. Check out your favorite online betting site for single round matches and a variety of prop bets.

Phil Mickelson vs. Jason Day (our pick to win: Jason Day)
When Mickelson said Im such an idiot after blowing the US Open, Phil expressed the origins of the universe. He is an idiot and should pack it in instead of collecting an appearance fee.

Phil Mickelson vs. Dustin Johnson (our pick to win: Dustin Johnson)
Ibid, your Honor, Phil against any Player in this Field that can shoot Down Unda is a pretty good gamble in my opinion.