Baseball Acronyms – Abbreviations

If your going to handicap games, you have to know what all the lingo and abbreviations stand for. Listed below, you’ll find a bunch of commonly used baseball acronyms that you will see on stats and in the boxscores.


AB: At bats
ADP: Average Draft Position
AL: American League
A: Assists
BA: Batting average
BAA: Batting average against
BB: Base on balls (walk)
BF: Batters faced
BK: Balk
BS: Blown save
CG: Complete game
CS: Caught stealing
DH: Designated Hitter
DP: Double play
E: Error
ER: Earned runs
ERA: Earned run average
FO: Foul out
FPCT: Fielding percentage
GB: Ground ball
GDP: Ground into double play
GF: Games finished
G/F: Ground ball to fly ball ratio
GO: Ground out
GS: Games started
GS: Grand slam
H Hits
HD: Hold
HBP: Hit by pitch
HP: Home plate
HR: Home Run
IBB: Intentional base on balls
IF: Infielder
INT: Interference
IP: Innings pitched
K: Strike out (A backwards K would mean struck out looking)
LHP: Left handed pitcher
LOB: Left on base
MLB: Major League Baseball
NL: National League
OF: Outfield
OBP: On base percentage
OPS: On base percentage plus slugging percentage
PB: Passed ball
PO: Put outs
POS: Position played
QS: Quality starts
R: Run scored
RBI: Run batted in
Ribbie: Slang for “RBI” or “run batted in”RHP: Right handed pitcher
RISP: Runners in scoring position
RP: Relief pitcher
RS: Run support
S: Sacrafice
SB: Stolen base
SF: Sacrifice Fly
SLG: Slugging percentage
SHO: Shutout
SP: Starting pitcher
SV: Save
SLG: Slugging percentage
TB: Total bases
TC: Total chances
TP: Triple play
WHIP: Walks + Hits divided by innings pitched
WP: Wild pitch
XBH: Extra base hits