Baseball Betting Tip: Don’t Vary Your Unit Size

Play Every Game for the Same Amount
by Staff

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Many have tried it and many have failed. Deviating from a standard unit size is a surefire way to destroy your bankroll.

In order to win at sports betting, you need to have proper money management. This means have a plan and sticking to it.

Always play to win one unit, even if a game looks stronger and more likely to win than what you played yesterday or are planning on playing tomorrow.

The reason that this is such an important variable when wagering on sports is that you’re essentially creating an imbalance in your approach.

For starters, you should only be betting on a game when you feel that you have the advantage. Despite one game looking stronger than another, you need to stick to your guns and always bet the same amount. Allowing your bias to come into play, whether it be by emotion, strong information, etc, you can’t allow any one variable to interfere with your plan. Let’s take a look at some examples that still to this day fry our brains out when we think about them:

Years ago, I made a baseball bet where the best team in the league was playing the worst team in the league. The best pitcher was facing the worst pitcher as well. The “good” team was on a 7 game win streak while the bad team had lost 12 games in a row.

The good team’s hitters had all had great success vs. the opposing starter and the bad team’s hitters had been absolutely shut down (historically) by the good team’s starter.

It was an absolute match made in heaven. Despite having to lay an ungodly -330, it seemed like a no-brainer and frankly I was already counting the dime that I was “sure” to win and earmarking it for the purchase of something cool. There was no way that this game could possibly lose. Right? Um, NO.

My team got absolutely smoked and it became very apparent and starkly frightening to me that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN when two teams meet up for a game, despite what has happened in the recent past and long term past with regards to this particular matter.

So the moral of the story here is that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, that’s why they play the game. If the result was so sure, wouldn’t they just save all the time by shaking hands and agreeing that the bad team had no shot of winning? (lol)

I had absolutely unloaded on this game and as embarrassed as I am to admit this, I layed my whole bankroll on this event and took it on the chin. Hard lesson learned. Please don’t make the same mistake. Bet each game to win 1 unit and no more. You’ll be glad you did!

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