MLB Play of the Day Handicapping Contest

$1000 5Dimes/ MLB Play of the Day Handicapping Contest

How to Enter:
NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED. If you already have an account at 5Dimes you are of course eligible to play as well but still also need to send us your account number.

You will need to send your account number to in order to enter. Please put “5Dimes Contest” in the subject line of the email. Please don’t forget to send in your account number before you start playing. If we don’t have it ahead of time, you will not be eligible to win a prize.

This contest will run monthly April, May, June, July, August and September. Each day, we will post official lines/odds in a thread which will be located in the MLB Forum. You will need to pick ONE game from these odds. We will grade the picks each day and keep a running tally on everybody’s record and units won/lost. The winner with the most units at the end of the month will be deemed the winner and be rewarded with a $100 betting credit courtesy of 5Dimes.

***PLEASE*** use only the daily posted ML (Money lines), RL (Run Lines) & GT (Game Totals) as your entry into the daily MLB-POD competition.

Each and every MLB-POD play’s weight will be = to 1 (one) unit only.

If your play is postponed by MLB, you may choose one (1) different game to play. You must only choose one (1) play and you must submit the new play prior to the posted start time for your new play.

Grading of plays will take place as follows:
A play on a +125 dog = +1.25 units if your play wins; -1.00 unit if your play loses
A play on a -125 fav = +1.00 unit if your play wins; -1.25 units if your play loses
A play on a -1 1/2 +165 RL fav = +1.65 units if your play wins; -1.00 unit if your play loses
A play on a +1 1/2 -165 RL dog = +1.00 unit if your play wins; -1.65 units if your play loses
A play on a -110 Game Total = +1.00 unit if your play wins; -1.10 units if your play loses

Contestants will need to submit a minimum of 22 players each month. This equates to you needing to play around 3/4 of the time.

One entry per household. Sorry, brothers, mothers and others in the same house are not eligible. We have a way to check too. Please be honest and don’t try to bend the rules. Anyone caught abusing the rule will be banned from the forum.

A $100 wagering credit will be given away to the player with the most units each month of the contest. Records reset each month, but will be recorded cumulatively as well.

At season’s end, wagering credits will be awarded to the top 3 overall players. 1st will receive $250, 2nd $100 and 3rd $50. This will give incentive for people to always be picking their best games even if their out of it in any given month. In order to qualify for a season prize, you must play in at least 4 of the 6 months that the contest runs.

Prizes must be rolled over 4x and cannot be withdrawn for 30 days after awarded. In the event that a player wins the monthly contest for the 2nd time, they will be required to deposit a matching $100 to their 5Dimes account in order to receive the 2nd time prize. Sorry, no 3rd time winners allowed. This does not apply to the season ending prize.

To ask questions or make comments about this contest, please do so here.