Predictem MLB Archives: July 2011 Through December 2011

The following is archived Predictem MLB content from July 2011 through December 2011.

National League MVP Named: Brewers OF Ryan Braun edged out Dodgers OF Matt Kemp to win the award. – 11/22

Rest in Peace: Mariners OF Greg Halman was stabbed to death today. Preliminary reports are that it may have been his brother who stabbed him. Halman had great promise as a speed/power guy. So sad to hear this. – 11/21

Free Agent Signings: The Texas Rangers have reportedly signed CL Joe Nathan. The Phillies have signed CL J. Papelbon. – 11/21

Most Valuable Player: Tigers SP Justin Verlander was named the AL MVP. – 11/21

Ex-Cards Pitcher Dies: Bob Forsch died today. Cause of death is unknown. He was only 61. Rest in peace. – 11/4

Going out on Top: Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa has retired. The 67 year old won 3 World Series (1989/Oakland, 2006/Cardinals, 2011/Cardinals. – 10/31

More Money? Cubs 3B Aramis Ramirez has chosen to opt out of the final year of his 16M contract. He’s 33 and is said to be looking for one final “big” contract. Yanks P CC Sabathia has also opted out of the last 4 years of his 92 million dollar contract. He’s said to be looking for a long term deal in the neighborhood of 6 years/150 mil. NY fans can look forward to 20 dollar hot dogs and 30 dollar beers if this crap keeps up. – 10/30

Game 7: No betting value here. Passing. – 10/28

Game 6: We can’t find an advantage either way. Passing. – 10/27

World Series Game 5: Passing. Can’t find value on either side or total. – 10/24

W.S. Game 4: We’re passing. – 10/23

Game 3: Stl/Tex OVER 9.5 runs. – 10/22

2011 World Series Game 2: Passing. After reviewing this game from top to bottom we couldn’t make a case for either side or total. – 10/20

Cardinals/Rangers World Series Game 1 Prediction: Rangers/Cardinals UNDER 7.5 runs. – 10/19

Sunday MLB Playoffs: Cards/Brewers OVER 8.5 runs. – 10/16

Saturday: Passing. – 10/15

Friday Playoffs: Passing. – 10/14

Thursday MLB: After spending hours handicapping both of today’s games, we came to the conclusion that there is no betting value for either game. We’re passing. – 10/13

The Unthinkable? Free Agent Red Sox DH David Ortiz has hinted that he’d be open to signing with the Yankees. – 10/13

Comeback Player of the Year Awards: Lance Berkman took honors in the NL and Jacoby Ellsbury takes the award in the AL. – 10/13

Wednesday MLB Playoffs: We’re backing the Cardinals today. Carpenter
has been absolutely dealing in his last handful of starts AND all of the
big Cards hitters smoke Gallardo. The Brewcrew are a different team on the
road so we’re going to make an exception today. We hate laying -152 as it’s
just not the way to win long term but that’s where the value is today. With
breath held in and our poopers puckered, we’re laying the wood with the
Cardinals today. – 10/12

Tuesday ALCS Pick: Detroit Tigers -128. – 10/11

Monday MLB Playoffs Pick: Milwaukee Brewers -138. – 10/10

Saturday MLB Playoffs: Passing. – 10/8

Friday MLB: Passing. – 10/7

Thursday MLB Playoff Pick: Detroit Tigers +149. – 10/6

CWS Hire New Mgr: The White Sox have hired former player Robin Ventura as their new skipper. – 10/6

Wednesday: PASSING. – 10/5

Tuesday MLB Playoffs Prediction: Brewers/Diamondbacks UNDER 9 runs. – 10/4

Monday MLB Playoffs: We like the Texas Rangers at +108 today. – 10/3

Saturday MLB Playoffs: Passing. – 10/2

Friday Baseball Playoffs Pick: Tampa Rays +107. – 10/1

Friday MLB: Passing! – 9/30

Wednesday MLB Best Bet: Texas Rangers -155. – 9/28

Tuesday MLB Betting Prediction: Cleveland/Detroit UNDER 9 runs. – 9/27

Monday MLB Play: Kansas City Royals -124. – 9/26

Sunday: Passing. – 9/25

Saturday MLB Play: KC Royals +123. If you’re looking for a second play, the OVER 8.5 looks good too. – 9/24

Friday: Today’s card is really weak with regards to betting value so we’re passing. – 9/23

Thursday MLB Play: Houston Astros -126. – 9/22

Wednesday Baseball Pick: KC Royals +103. – 9/21

Tuesday MLB Play of the Day: Detroit Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals OVER 10 runs. – 9/20

Monday MLB Pick: San Diego Padres +106. – 9/19

Sunday MLB Selection: Kansas City Royals -105. – 9/18

Saturday Major League Baseball Pick: SF Giants +110. – 9/17

Friday Baseball Play of the Day: Detroit Tigers -131. – 9/16

Thursday MLB Pick: Detroit Tigers/Oakland A’s UNDER 7.5. – 9/15

Wednesday: Passing! – 9/14

Tues. MLB Play Value Bet of the Day: Toronto Bluedays +130. – 9/13

Monday Baseball Play: Detroit Tigers +102. – 9/12

Sunday MLB Prediction: L.A. Dodgers +115. – 9/11

Saturday MLB Prediction: Chicago Cubs +110. – 9/10

Friday Baseball Play: Los Angeles Dodgers +107 – 9/9

Thursday MLB Selection: Braves -110 (Game 2). – 9/8

Wednesday Baseball Pick: Passing in favor of handicapping this week’s football games. – 9/7

Tuesday MLB Play: Passed. – 9/6

Monday Baseball Pick: Colorado Rockies -135. – 9/5

Sunday Baseball Selection: Arizona Diamondbacks +120. – 9/4

Saturday MLB Play of the Day: Arizona Diamondbacks +145. – 9/3

Friday MLB Predictions: Twins/Angels OVER 8.5 runs and Royals +106. – 9/2

Thursday, Major League Baseball Pick: Pittsburgh Pirates -125. – 9/1

Wednesday MLB Play: Tampa Bay Rays +113. – 8/31

Tuesday MLB Pick: Minnesota Twins +143. – 8/30

Monday Baseball Selection: Philadelphia Phillies -146. – 8/29

Strasburg Close to Returning: He’ll make a rehab start in Double-A on Thursday and if all goes we’ll he’ll return to the big club around 9/6.

Sunday MLB Picks: Kansas City Royals +170 and Colorado Rockies +120. – 8/28

Saturday Baseball Selection; Passing due to unknown weather variables. – 8/27

Friday MLB Play: Chicago Cubs/Milwaukee Brewers OVER 9 runs. – 8/26

Thursday MLB Prediction: Boston Red Sox +148. – 8/25

Wednesday Baseball Pick: Chicago Cubs +107. – 8/24

Tuesday MLB Pick: Texas Rangers -152. – 8/23

Hamels Out: Phillies P Cole Hamels was placed on the 15 day DL with shoulder inflamation (pitching shoulder) – 8/23

Phillies SS Sidleined: Philly Shortstop Jimmny Rollins was placed on the DL today with a strained groin. – 8/22

Monday Major League Baseball Pick: Texas Rangers -142. If you’re looking for a secondary play, the Rays at +115 are worth a shot as well. – 8/22

Sunday: We’re passing today. Our MLB picks are slumping badly lately. – 8/21

Saturday MLB Prediction: Cleveland Indians +132. – 8/20

Friday: PASSING. – 8/19

Thursday MLB Pick: ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT**** Florida Marlins +116. – 8/18

Wednesday MLB Pick: San Diego Padres -145. – 8/17

Tuesday MLB Play: Cleveland Indians +112. – 8/16

Monday MLB Play: Baltimore Orioles +158. – 8/15

Sunday: Passing! – 8/14

Saturday: We don’t like anything on today’s card so we’re passing. – 8/13

Friday MLB Pick: San Diego Padres -102. – 8/12

Thursday MLB Play of the Day: Chicago White Sox/Baltimore Orioles OVER 8.5 runs. – 8/11

Wednesday’s Play: Washington Nationals at -110. – 8/10

Tuesday’s MLB Play: Detroit Tigers +117. – 8/9

Monday: We’re passing today. – 8/8

Sunday MLB Picks: Padres -115, Mariners +115 and Indians +160. – 8/7

Friday Baseball Pick of the Day: Baltimore Orioles +110. – 8/5

Thursday MLB Picks: Washington/Colorado OVER 10.5 runs. – 8/4

Wednesday MLB Picks: Arizona +148, Arizona/SF UNDER 7.5 runs and Florida +122. – 8/3

Tuesday’s MLB Pick: Baltimore/Kansas City OVER 9.5 runs. – 8/2

Monday MLB Pick: We like 4 games today… Rockies +130, Indians +177, Brewers -130 and NYY/CWS UNDER 7.5 runs. The Rockies are the best play of the day. – 8/1

Orioles/Rangers Swap: The Orioles have acquired 1B Chris Davis and right handed starter Tommy Hunter from the Rangers for reliever Koji Uehara. – 7/31

Rangers Get Relief: The Texas Rangers acquired STUD relief pitcher Mike Adams from the Padres for lefty Robbie Erlin and righty Joe Wieland. – 7/31

Rafy on the Move: The Cardinals have acquired SS Rafael Furcal from the Dodgers for OF Alex Castellanos. – 7/31

Bucs Pick Up Power Hitter: The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired OF Ryan Ludwick from the Padres in exchange for a player to the named later or cash considerations. – 7/31

Indians Get Ace: The Cleveland Indians have acquired RHP Ubaldo Jimenez from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for Pitchers Alex White and Joe Gardner, 1B Matt McBride and a player to be named later. – 7/31

Red Sox Strenghten Rotation: The Boston Red Sox have acquired LHP Erik Bedard and Josh Fields from the Mariners in a seven player trade. – 7/31

Atlanta Gets Stronger: The Atlanta Braves beefed up today by acquiring speedy OF Michael Bourn and cash from the Houston Astros for RHP Paul Clemens, LHP Brett Oberholtzer, OF Jordan Schafer and RHP Juan Abreu. – 7/31

Other MLB Trades: The Arizona Diamondbacks acquired RHP Brad Ziegler from for 1B-OF Brandon Allen and LHP Jordan Norberto. – 7/31

Sunday’s Play of the Day: New York Mets +120. – 7/31

Saturday’s Baseball Pick: Boston/CWS OVER 8.5 runs. – 7/30

Friday MLB Pick: Florida Marlins at +155. – 7/29

Trade Rumor: Word has it that the Philadelphia Phillies are trying to acquire OF Hunter Pence from the Astros. – 7/28

Cubs/Tribe Swap Players: The Cleveland Indians have acquired OF Kosuke Fukudome and cash considerations from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for OF Abner Abreu and P Carlton Smith. – 7/28

Rest in Peace Big Fella: Ex-Yankees P Hideki Irabu was found dead in his California home, from an apparent suicide. – 7/28

Thursday MLB Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks AGAIN at -105. – 7/28

Wednesday MLB Play: Arizona Diamondbacks +103. – 7/27

MLB Trade: The NYM have agreed to trade Carlos Beltran to the SF Giants for single-A P Zack Wheeler. Beltran must approve the trade in order for it to go through. – 7/27

Tuesday Baseball Selection: Arizona Diamondbacks at +102. – 7/26

Monday MLB Pick of the Day: Los Angeles/Cleveland UNDER 7.5 runs. – 7/25

Rumor Mill: Word has it that the Philadelphia Phillies are interested in Rays OF BJ Upton. – 7/25

Sunday Baseball Pick: Mariners/Red Sox UNDER 9 runs. – 7/24

Saturday MLB Totals Play: Washington/L.A. OVER 7 runs. – 7/23

Friday MLB Play: Minnesota Twins -103. – 7/22

Thursday MLB Pick: New York Yankees -135. – 7/21

Wednesday Baseball Pick: San Diego/Florida UNDER 7 runs. – 7/20

Tuesday MLB Play: Milwaukee/Arizona UNDER 9 runs. – 7/19

Strasburg Watch: The young righty is now throwing 95mph fastballs in simulated game action. He’s still quite a ways away from being able to be game ready though. There’s talk that he may be ready in Sept. – 7/19

Monday MLB Play: Boston/Baltimore OVER 10 runs. – 7/18

Sunday MLB Play: Chicago White Xox at -105. – 7/17

Aardsma Done: The Mariners closer will miss the rest of the season and part of next after it was determined that he needs to undergo Tommy John surgery. – 7/15

Friday Major League Baseball Selection: Kansas City Royals/Minnesota Twins OVER 9 runs (+100). – 7/15

Thursday MLB Pick: Cleveland Indians -112. – 7/14

Wednesday: The Milwaukee Brewers have acquired closer Francisco Rodriguez from the New York Mets for 2 players to be named later. – 7/13

Tuesday MLB All Star Game: Passing. – 7/12

Monday Homerun Derby Picks: Adrian Gonzalez at +660 to win the derby! Also make a multiple unit wager on him to hit more homers than Richie Weeks in the 1st round. This prop bet can be found at Sportbet. – 7/11

Sunday: PASSING! – 7/10

Saturday Baseball Pick: Seattle Mariners -105. – 7/9

Friday MLB Pick: Twins/White Sox OVER 8.5 runs. – 7/8

Rest in Peace: Horrible news out of Arlington where a fan in the outfield fell from the stands and died after reaching out for a ball tossed to him by Rangers OF Josh Hamilton. I can’t really think of anything worse than taking your kid to a game and dying. God bless the Stone family. What a horrible tragedy. – 7/8

Thursday MLB Pick: Reds/Brewers OVER 8.5 runs. – 7/7

SS Injured: Mets Shortstop Jose Reyes will miss approximately 3 weeks with a hamstring injury. – 7/7

Rest in Peace: Hall of Fame Manager Dick Williams has died of a brain aneurysm. Williams was a hell of a manager that had a great nack of turning losing teams into winners. He was 82. – 7/7/p>

Wednesday MLB Play: Atlanta Braves -195 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT – 7/6***

Tuesday Baseball Pick: Astros/Pirates UNDER 7 runs. – 7/5

Monday MLB Play: Rockies/Braves UNDER 7 runs. – 7/4

Sunday: Site was down with server problems. – 7/3

Saturday Baseball Selection: Minnesota Twins +102. – 7/2

Friday MLB Pick: SF/Detroit UNDER 8.5 runs. – 7/1

Morneau Still Ailing: He underwent surgery to remove a fragment from a herniated disc in his neck. He’ll miss at least 6 weeks. This guy is jinxed. – 7/1