NBA Basketball Prop Bets

NBA Basketball Prop Bets

NBA props are a great way to have some fun and place some bets not having to do with the point spread or the total.

Propositions include offerings such as player to score more than another designated player and can range from most rebounds, most assists, etc.

In big games you may see such props as team to score first, team with the most dunks, etc.

We have two thoughts about NBA props:

1. The bookie puts out many sucker bets which look too easy to be true. Either pass on these or flip flop to the other side and take the option that looks like it doesn’t have a chance. This isn’t rock solid betting advice but there is a general rule in sports betting that goes something like “if it looks too good to be true it probably is!” and let us tell you, we got suckered in for years before we got a sniff of breaking even or winning.

One of our most memorable sucker bets that we got entangled with was a game in which the bookies had Charles Barkely vs. Howard Eisley for points scored. How could Barkley possibly score less than Eisley? We still can’t figure that one out but we lost our asses that day. It looked too good to be true and it was!

2. Their beatable. Bookies have very low limits on NBA props. This is because a very astute handicapper can pick them apart and consistently beat them. So with that in mind, fantasy basketball players should have a nice advantage here as many are very familiar with hoops stats, as most NBA props revolve around statistics.

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