Betting NFL Pleasers

by | Last updated Jul 30, 2022 | nfl

Bettors that wager on NFL pleasers are people who can listen to somebody run
their fingernails down a chalkboard without cringing. In addition, they have to have a fat sack. This
isn’t a wager for sane NFL bettors. Pleasers are for daredevils, people who play
chicken with trains, oh, and those that don’t give a flying @#$! about their bankrolls!

While it’s the most exciting bet in sports, it’s the worst odds. Let’s quit being so negative
though. They do have the highest payouts of any football bets. This is because they’re damn near
impossible to beat. You have to have one hell of an eagle eye to nail these on a consistent
basis. Ok, we’ll end the suspense and explain the bet.

A pleaser is the opposite of a teaser. Instead of “getting points” in your favor, you give
them away. What makes this bet so nasty is that it’s a parlay style bet and you have to pick in
between 2-10 games.

It’s hard enough to get one regular point spread right. But to turn it inside out, give away
points and then have to do this with 2 or more games is absolute insanity! But like we said above, it pays well! Speaking of payouts, let’s take a look at the payout chart for one of these
suicide wagers.

7 Point Football Pleaser (ties push)

  • 2 teamer 8-1
  • 3 teamer 25-1
  • 4 teamer 60-1
  • 5 teamer 150-1
  • 6 teamer 450-1
  • 7 teamer 700-1
  • 8 teamer 1000-1
  • 9 teamer 1350-1
  • 10 teamer 1750-1

As you can see, these payouts are enormous. They’re more than twice as hard to beat though.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with an example of what a real pleaser bet looks like. Let’s say
these are some of the lines for the current NFL week:

Seattle +2.5
Tampa Bay -2.5

Chicago +6.5
Indianapolis -6.5

Washington +4
New Orleans -4

Ok, let’s say your looking to do a 2 team 7 point NFL pleaser which pays out 8-1 odds should
it hit. These are the lines you will have to choose from:

Seattle -4.5
Tampa Bay -9.5

Chicago -0.5
Indianapolis -13.5

Washington -3
New Orleans -11

As you can see, no matter what you pick, the line gets worse out of your favor. Tough bets to
win, fat payoffs! Enjoy!

These bets are difficult to find. Sportsbooks currently offering them include: BAS.