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Betting NFL Props
by Staff

Betting NFL Props may appear to be kind of corny at first glance, but some sharp handicappers make a living doing believe it or not. They do so by utilizing good-solid handicapping and statistical analysis. There are of course some hocus-pokus bets to avoid though too.

Each week the bookies offer wagering opportunities on worthless bets like heads or tails on the coin flip, who will score first, team to score last, will there be a score in the first 7.5 minutes of the game and will the first score be a TD, FG or a safety.

With all due respect, unless you’ve got a crystal ball, you simply can’t answer those questions and expect to win on a long term basis. These bets are a shot in the dark. You should really should be looking for the type of bets that are more like shooting fish in a barrel (easy pickings).

Often times the most beatable prop bets are ones in which “look” easy, but then you fade them (Go the other way). Avoid the sucker bet at all costs (bets that appear easy to beat). One thing can be said for sure in sports betting, if it looks too good to be true, it is! These Cadillac driving bookies do not give away free money when they don’t have to.

Despite this being the NFL section of the site, we’re going to use a basketball example to explain the biggest sucker bet play we’ve ever been duped into betting.

It was the mid-nineties and the Suns were playing the Utah Jazz. Back in that day Charles Barkley was a stud and scored a fair amount of points per game. There was a prop that asked whether Barkley or Jazz backup point guard Howard Eisley would score more points in the game. We couldn’t help ourselves, we took Barkley and are still smarting from one of our worst losses ever. The books had the inside track somehow, put out a “more than shady” line and we bit, hook, line and sinker!

It looked too good to be true and it was. Lesson learned. Beware of the bet that looks “too easy.” You’ll be glad you did!

Prop bets worthwhile include a player to get over a certain amount of yards as that’s “handicappable,” QB to throw for over/under a certain amount of yards, matchups such as running back vs. running back with regards to who will have the most yards (sometimes spreads are offered on these) or quarterbacks to have the most yards in a head to head format and last but not least we like props that involve longest field goal and longest reception type of theme. These are easily beatable and frankly we can’t understand why the book offers them, their that easy to cash if you do your homework!

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