Free Monday Night Football Picks – MNF Predictions

Are you ready for some football? Let the winning begin! Bookmark this page and check back weekly (picks usually posted by Monday at lunch time each week) for are usually the best Monday Night Football Picks on the web. We’ve stumbled a bit breaking even for the past couple years but we’ll get back on track! Check back each week for our take. ALWAYS FREE!


2017-2018 RECORD IN MNF GAMES: 9-4-0 +4.60 UNITS

Week 16: (12/25) No value; Passing.
Week 15: (12/18) TB +7 (won 21-24)
Week 14: (12/11) Mia +10.5 (winner 27-20)
Week 13: (12/4) Cin +4.5 (winner 20-23)
Week 12: (11/27) Hou/Bal UNDER 39.5 (winner 16-23)
Week 11: (11/20) Atl -1 (won 34-31)
Week 10: (11/13) Car -8.5 (won 45-21)
Week 9: (11/6) GB +2 (lost 17-30)
Week 8: (10/30) Den +7 (+100)(lost 19-29)
Week 7: (10/23) Phi on the money line at -240 (won 34-24)
Week 6: (10/16) Very small lunch money play on Ten on the money line at -280 (won 36-22). Way too many questionable variables here to lay -7.
Week 5: (10/9) This game could be a 3 point margin either way. No value; Passing
Week 4: (10/2) Passed
Week 3: (9/25) AZ +3 (-120)(lost 17-28)
Week 2: (9/18) NYG -3 (lost 10-24)
Week 1: (9/11/17) Min -3 (winner 29-19)

Previous Seasons:

2016-2017 RECORD IN MNF GAMES: 6-5-0 +0.50 UNITS

Week 17: There is no MNF game scheduled. Congrats on edging your bookie with this year’s plays! Please bookmark this page and we’ll see ya next season!
Week 16: (12/26) Cowboys -6.5 (won 42-21)
Week 15: (12/19) Skins -6.5 (lost 15-26)
Week 14: (12/12) We studied this game for hours and can’t find an advantage so we’re forced to pass. We even shoulder tapped a few sharps and got 50/50 action. Never a need to force a play so we’re taking this one off.
Week 13: (12/5) We forgot to post the damn pick here. We hope you found it on our staff picks page, as we had the over 48.5. We wont be counting that in our record though since it wasnt posted here. Sorry for the blunder.
Week 12: (11/28) GB Packers +4.5 (won 27-13)
Week 11: (11/21) Hou/Oak UNDER 45 (lost 27-20)
Week 10: (11/14) Bengals -1 (lost 20-21)
Week 9: (11/7) Flip a coin. This game offers no value!
Week 8: (10/31) Bears +4.5 (won 20-10)
Week 7: (10/24) Passed
Week 6: (10/17) Cardinals -7 (won 28-3)
Week 5: (10/10) Passed
Week 4: (10/3) Vikings -5 (won 24-10)
Week 3: (9/26) Atlanta Falcons +2.5 (won 45-32).
Week 2: (9/19) Bears -3 (lost 14-29)
Week 1: (9/12) Redskins +3 (lost 16-38)

2015-2016 RECORD IN MNF GAMES: 5-3-1 +2.60 UNITS

Week 17: (1/4) NO MNF scheduled this week.
Week 16: (12/28) No value; Passing
Week 15: (12/21) Lions +3 (won)
Week 14: (12/14) NYG/Mia UNDER 47 (lost)
Week 13: (12/7) Passed.
Week 12: (11/30) Ravens +4.5 (win).
Week 11: (11/23) Buffalo Bills +7 (push)
Week 10: (11/16) Passing!
Week 9: (11/9) Bears +4 (2.2 units to win 2 units)(won 22-19)
Week 8: (11/2) We can’t find any value in either the side or total so we’re taking a pass.
Week 7: (10/26) Cardinals -9.5 (bought a half point -120) (loss)
Week 6: (10/19) Eagles -5.5 (win)
Week 5: (10/12) There are pluses and minuses for both sides. No real advantage here so we’re passing.
Week 4: (10/5) Passed.
Week 3: (9/28) Chiefs +6 (loss)
Week 2: (9/21) NYJ +7 (win)
Week 1: (9/10 through 9/14) We don’t have a take on either game so are passing.

2014-2015 RECORD IN MNF GAMES: 7-7-0 -0.90 UNITS

Week 16: (12/22) Den/CIN UNDER 47 (loss)
Week 15: (12/15) Bears +3 (loss)
Week 14: (12/8) Passed
Week 13: (12/1) Dolphins Moneyline -275 (win)
Week 12: (11/24) New York Jets +2.5 (loss)
Week 11: (11/17) Titans +7 (1/2 pt buy -120 odds)(win)
Week 10: (11/10) Panthers/Eagles UNDER 49 (buy a half point -120)(loss)
Week 9: (11/3) NYG +3 (loss)
Week 8: (10/27) Redskins +10.5 (buy a half point to -120)(win)
Week 7: (10/20) Steelers -3 (win)
Week 6: (10/13) Passed
Week 5: (10/6) Seahawks -7 (win)
Week 4: (9/29) Chiefs +3 (win)
Week 3: (9/22) J-E-T-S -2 (disgusting loss)
Week 2: (9/15) Philly +3 (win).
Week 1: (9/8) NYG +7 (buying a half point at -120)(loss)

Monday night football picks may seem like the toughest predictions that you’ll make each week but the truth is that they’re the easiest to beat long term. Long term is defined as “over the years”, as everything in football betting is a marathon, not a sprint. As much as we’d love to say that we’ll win every week, the truth is that ALL football wagering is a grind and battle to beat 52.38% (the breakeven mark when you factor in the vigorish/house advantage the bookie charges).

The reason that we believe MNF picks are easier to beat is that the bookies know that the whole football gambling world is focused on this one game. The oddsmakers/bookmakers know which side the public is going to side with, so often times, the spread will be a tad bit inflated.

If you’re able to determine which spread is inflated, you instantly have an edge as most football spreads are predicated on key numbers (common final score margins) that include 3, 4, 6, 7, and 14 points.

A team getting an extra half point can be HUGE in your long term win-loss record against the spread. Think about how many times you have held your head with both hands, blood pressure up, sweat beads on your forehead, thinking… “Oh man! I lost by a freakin’ half point! I think we can all agree that we’d all rather be blown out than lose by that excrutiating 1/2 point that instantly throws your mind into reverse thinking “if that FG kicker only would have made that chipshot that he missed” or any other number of scenarios that caused you to lose a tight game.

Again, the bookies know which side (team) most bettors are going to side (wager on) with. Believe me when I say that extra 1/2 point benefits them more than you over the long run.

In closing, we’ve picking games against the spread since we were old enough to drive. We’re not embarrassed to admit that we absolutely lost our butts for the first 10 years that we bet on games. During that time, the lightbulb went off as losing got old and provoked us to do some studying and get educated on how sports betting really works, which is a ton of psychology and learning key numbers.

We’re proud to say that we hold the advantage over the books every Monday night. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to win every week or every season, but we WILL prevail long term by beating the house at their own game.

Bookmark this page and check back weekly and enjoy the ride!