Parlay Cards and Progressive Parlays

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While doing research on the internet, we noticed that there are quite a few sports bettors out there searching for parlay cards (aka: Accumulator). If you’ve fallen onto this page looking for a place to bet parlay cards online, there’s some interesting information we’d like to tell you about that may change the way you bet your pars from now on!

As you may know, when you bet a parlay, there are fixed odds that look something like this (some books fluctuate a bit, but this is the norm:)

2 Team Parlay: 13-5 odds

3 Team Parlay: 6-1

4 Team Parlay: 10-1

5 Team Parlay: 20 to 1

6 Team Parlay: 40 to 1

7 Team Parlay: 75-1

8 Team Parlay: 100-1

9 Team Parlay: 150-1

10 Team Parlay: 300-1

11 Team Parlay: 450-1

12 Team Parlay: 600-1 Odds

13 Team Parlay: 750-1

14 Team Parlay: 900-1

15 Team Parley: 1500-1

Now the good news! You can get increased parlay odds when you place those wagers at BAS Sportsbook!

Check out these great odds from BAS Sportsbook that simply pay more in most cases on your football and basketball parlays:

No. of Teams Parlay Payoff
2 2.64/1
3 6/1
4 12.3/1
5 25/1
6 47.5/1
7 91.5/1
8 175/1
9 360/1
10 645/1
11 1225/1
12 2345/1
13 4475/1
14 8545/1
15 16500/1

***All payouts based on odds of -110

Tired of picking “almost all of them” right and losing by one or two games each week? Check this out! BetAnySports also offers “progressive parlays” which allow you to have some losses in the bet and the wager still pays out as a winner! Check out the following grid to view the payouts!

All Teams


1 Team Loss

2 Teams


3 Teams


4 Teams
5 Teams
6 Teams
7 Teams
8 Teams
9 Teams
10 Teams
11 Teams
12 Teams

That’s right! You can bet a 12-team, parlay lose three games and still turn out a nice profit, which blows away standard parlay card rules, where one loss means your card is a loser.

Before we go, we’d also like to answer some related questions that we get from time to time.

Q: What happens if one of my games in a two team parlay ties (pushes)? Answer: The two-teamer reverts to a single-game wager at -110 odds. If your sportsbook calls it no action or a loser, you need to change books! Many local bookies keep your money if you tie. Unacceptable!

Q: What happens if my ten team parlay has a push in it? Answer: The bet simply reverts to a 9-team parlay at nine-team odds. If, for some reason, the bet was to have two pushes, it would revert to 2 teams less and assume the payout for that many games.

Q: What’s the most I can win on a parlay? Many online bookies have a $100,000 maximum win amount set for any wager, regardless of what type of bet it is. You can find this in the fine print at many online sportsbooks as it’s the standard.

Parlays are also known as an “accumulator” bet. They are also commonly misspelled as “parleys.”

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