San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread

San Diego Chargers (5-9 SU, 6-8 ATS) vs. New York Jets (6-8 SU, 7- 7 ATS)
NFL Football Week 16
Date: Sunday, December 23, 2012, 1:00PM EST
Where: MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ
by Bob, Football Handicapper,

Point Spread: SD +1.5/NYJ -1.5
Over/Under Total: 40.5

Here is another NFL matchup of teams that will not be competing in the post season. Actually, this game here should just be billed as the “Disappointment Bowl.” The San Diego Chargers will travel to the northeast to take on the “other” team from New York, the Jets. What a mess the Jets are in. Ever since Rex Ryan showed up, they have been a circus, but when you are making AFC title games, the fans and media seem to sort of sweep it under the rug. When you are 6-8 and out of the playoff hunt, things aren’t so funny anymore. This will be a very interesting offseason in New York. As much of a disappointment the Jets have been this season, the San Diego Chargers to me are the biggest let down. For the better part of a decade, the Chargers have been viewed as one of the most talented teams in all of the NFL. Just this past summer, I was hearing NFL experts who thought the Chargers would be challenging Baltimore and New England for AFC supremacy. The Chargers 5-9 record makes no sense to me whatsoever. They are way too talented to be losing as miserably as they are. This game sits at a 1.5 point spread, and I can see this thing going any possible direction.

The New York JetsLOL. What else can be said? This team is in complete disarray and the signing of Tim Tebow has not helped their PR situation at all. The Jets organization, and coaching staff, whether they believed it or not, wanted everyone to think that Mark Sanchez was their guy and Tebow was just there for special packages and to backup Sanchez in case of injury. Well, Sanchez has been awful, and that’s a complete understatement. When he struggled though, the Jets didn’t look to Tebow to take the snaps, they went to Greg McElroy which has puzzled many around the nation. It is safe to finally say that Rex Ryan may be on the “hot seat.” Ok, enough about the Jets struggles, believe it or not, they do have some bright spots within their team. Currently, the Jets are the 2nd best team in all of the NFL against the pass giving up less than 200 yards per game to their opponent. Along with a great pass defense, they are 10th in the league running the ball. This could actually play into their favor when facing the Chargers. The Jets are such a bi-polar team, I could actually see them winning this game and looking like a real contender again. Of course, it’ll be about three weeks too late, but hey, a wins a win.right?


The lack of success over the last few years by the San Diego Chargers has me stunned. I just don’t get it. These guys have talent all over the field but it just hasn’t translated into wins. Sitting at 5-9, I would have to say the Chargers are the most disappointing team in all the NFL. Okay, one might could make a case for the Detroit Lions, but whatever, either way it’s uncalled for how bad this team is. Remember, it wasn’t long ago the Chargers fans were calling for Marty Schottenheimer’s head after going 14-2 and losing to New England in the playoffs. I bet they wish they had that one back. Just like the Jets though, the Chargers aren’t all bad, they can be dangerous in their own way too. I stated earlier that the Jets had the 10th best rushing offense in the NFL, well, the Chargers are 7th against run. The Jets are having to rely more and more on the run due to their passing woes, so something has to give here. Not only does San Diego stop the run pretty well, but look at their schedule. They have played many of the top teams in all the league. They have a loss to Atlanta, two losses to Denver, and a loss to the Bengals. That’s 4 games there that other teams may not have had to deal with. Hmmmm, after looking into it, maybe San Diego isn’t has terrible as their record. The key for the bolts? Stop the run and force New York to throw. If the Jets do this, they should be ok.

Bob’s Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Regardless of whether or not these teams are playoff bound, this is a very intriguing matchup to me. It may seem like I was hard on these teams with all the negativity, but let’s be real, facts are facts. I am pretty sure both these teams fan bases would agree with every word I said. With that said, these teams are VERY talented. That’s the main reason I am so down on them because they are both capable of bigger and better things. If either of these teams were sitting at 10-4 or something like that, would you shocked? No. They have talent. Ok, enough about that. My pick. Ok, I have lost total faith in the Jets and I see the Chargers getting this one. I think the Chargers go into New York and get a hard fought win. I say 20-10 San Diego. PICK: CHARGERS +1.5

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