Super Bowl 57 Predictions

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A Super Bowl bet is an extreme wager in many ways. You have to wait the whole season for it to pan out, nothing short of winning it all will do, and any number of things can change from now and next February. But the upside is enormous, namely the potential payouts and the fact that you have a vested interest for the whole season on the teams you pick. It’s one of those bets where a bettor with a long view of the football world can capitalize on the insight that hasn’t yet manifested. And when everyone else discovers what you already know, you don’t get the same price. Let’s take a look at ten teams we feel have a good chance to haul in the Super Bowl hardware this season.

Ten Top Picks to Win Super Bowl 57


Buffalo Bills (+600):

A team that isn’t far off. Only some late-game Patrick Mahomes magic in last season’s postseason kept the Bills from making a deeper run. They might even be stronger this season. Josh Allen is forming into a steady veteran, and that aerial attack is still as strong as ever. They added pieces like Von Miller and a potentially impactful punter in rookie Matt Araiza, along with first-round corner Kalir Elam. With other youngsters ready to step up, this roster could really be exploding with talent come this season. A very difficult team to ignore in this context, this could be the season where the Bills secure that elusive title. Note: You can bet the Bills for FREE by taking advantage of a 50% real cash bonus on your first deposit of $100 to $500 at Bovada Sportsbook! Don’t risk your own money on futures! It’s too much of a gamble! Use bonus money!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+700):

One has to figure Tom Brady didn’t end his brief retirement to pad his stats. The goal is simple, and he has the horses to do it here, as he has already shown. New head coach Todd Bowles should be able to keep the Bucs pointed upward. Their season gets off to a tough start, but if they can find smooth waters, a path to the postseason is clear, and that’s when Tom Brady comes to life. The NFC has some threats, but it’s the easier conference to get through. A couple of key acquisitions along a sketchy secondary should also help in an all-in season for the Bucs.

Green Bay Packers (+1000):

Granted, for those not betting the Packers to win it all before, now would seem like a weird time to start backing Green Bay with do-everything receiver Davante Adams now off to Vegas. Second-rounder WR Christian Watson might be a diamond in the rough, but he’s no Adams, and we’ll see how much Sammy Watkins can help at this point. Their offense heading into the season looks a bit down. A growing “D” that added two first-rounders looks to pick up some of the slack. Being in the NFC doesn’t hurt, either, nor does having the reigning league MVP in Aaron Rodgers. Perhaps not the most-appetizing pick, their path to the postseason seems pretty solid nonetheless.

Kansas City Chiefs (+1000):

One can almost sense the turning of the page with the Chiefs. Between the loss of Tyreek Hill, the growing pack of other contenders in the conference, and the notion that they’re due for maybe a backward step, this is the best preseason Super Bowl value we’ve seen on the Chiefs for several years. Still, there is a lot of good stuff in place. We’ll see if someone like rookie Skyy Moore, JuJu Smith-Schuster, or Marquez Valdez-Scantling can fill the Hill void, and even if not, maybe Mahomes can show some of his magic again and have KC right in the thick of things yet again. It won’t be easy, as their conference and division is perhaps the toughest in the game.

Los Angeles Rams (+1100):

The defending Super Bowl champs likely inherit the notion of a Super Bowl hangover, as people are reluctant to pull the trigger on a team to repeat. The Rams still flaunt what might be the best roster in the sport. It’s not easy to identify a reason other than complacency for why they won’t be a factor again. Adding Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner could also help. With Stafford staying healthy along with all his key weaponry, I’d suspect the Rams will be a factor in 2022.



Los Angeles Chargers (+1400):

A 9-8 mark in Brandon Staley’s first season at the helm was promising, as are the prospects of Justin Herbert’s third season behind center. It will not be easy, with the Chiefs and potentially improved teams in the Raiders and the Broncos in their own division. That’s without mentioning the slew of other contenders in the conference. The prospects of them having to go on the road in the playoffs against the AFC’s best is daunting. But a slew of defensive moves, including getting Khalil Mack and corner JC Jackson should help. If their stars on both sides of the ball stay healthy, including defensive standouts Derwin James and Joey Bosa, this looks to be a rising team on both sides of the ball.

Denver Broncos (+1600):

This is a party where one would be inclined to show up early. Regarding Denver as a contender on the heels of what we’ve seen in recent seasons isn’t easy. And slapping together a bunch of new pieces in an effort to jar the franchise into success doesn’t always work. But the last few years, it’s been hard not to notice how many times you said: “if only they had a QB,” when watching their games. With Russell Wilson, they now have their man, and it’s on new head coach Nathaniel Hackett to put it all together. This one requires some optimism, but if youngsters on both sides of the ball start showing their teeth this season, with Wilson finding a renewed hunger in a new city, Denver just might have what it takes to get out of a tough division and conference.

San Francisco 49ers (+1600):

A lot seems to be riding on the form of second-year QB Trey Lance. Then again, the Niners don’t rely on great quarterbacking to get over. One of the better-coached and resourceful teams in the league, the combination of Lance’s growth and some breaks on the injury-front should have the Niners in the thick of things this season. And as of press time, there’s been no news on Garoppolo, even though it was portrayed as a foregone conclusion that he was leaving. So that’s still not totally solid. At any rate, it’s a team that is easy to overlook until you realize that maybe you shouldn’t have.

Dallas Cowboys (+1800):

A 12-win season in 2021 shows that Dallas is maybe ready to take the next step as a conference contender. The combination of some rising receivers and big-name talent on the other side of the ball makes Dallas a team to watch, especially in the NFC conference. Sure, QB Dak Prescott needs to stay healthy, and they need some answers up-front on a line that’s lost a little juice. Still, if you forecast even modest improvement from all their young stars, it’s hard not to picture the Cowboys being a handful this season.

Tennessee Titans (+3500):

A nice longshot at 35-to-1 odds, the Titans won 12 games last season, not bad with Derrick Henry gone for most of the season. If you plug a healthy Henry back in there over a whole season, maybe things go a little differently. If first-round rookie Treylon Burks or WR Robert Woods can fill in for the departed AJ Brown and some other things fall into place, the Titans could be a nice little darkhorse in the AFC. And they’ve already shown they can be a threat in the postseason

Best Short odds Chalky Pick: Buffalo Bills (+700)

Best Middle of the Road Pick: Dallas Cowboys (+1800)

Best Longshot: Tennessee Titans (+3500)

Loot’s Top Pick to Win Super Bowl 57 Buffalo Bills (+700)

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