Super Bowl LVI Futures: The Best Value Bets on the Board

by | Jun 24, 2021 | nfl

Looking for the best value in Super Bowl futures requires a delicate balance. It’s not always going to be about which team you think will win. It’s more about which team or teams are getting better value than they should be. And, of course, it’s helpful when you think that team actually has a righteous chance to win the Super Bowl. If a hopeless team is getting better value than they should, it doesn’t mean as much. We’re looking for teams that actually have a shot but are being a bit overlooked by the oddsmakers.

The nature of this bet forces one to perhaps go off-the-grid a bit. When you’re dealing with the top teams, whether it be the more recent Super Bowl winners and participants, or just the higher-grade contenders, the bookie needn’t make it that tantalizing. People are going to bet on teams like the Chiefs and the Bucs without much convincing. It’s the lesser teams where bookies need to dangle that carrot in order to elicit betting interest.

Again, there is a balance. If there’s an item you don’t want that is half-off, you’re not going to buy it simply on the basis of it having good value. But looking at the list of Super Bowl winners over the years, it’s clear that not all those teams started the year as celebrated as they were at the end of the season. And some of those teams started their championship seasons getting huge odds that disappeared once everyone could see what was going on. Right now, no one knows what’s going on, meaning you can lock in teams at a far better value than what should be the case.

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First, you will see the odds for all teams to win the Super Bowl LVI, followed by our choices for the best-value picks on the board. And once again, there is a distinction. These aren’t necessarily our top picks to win the Super Bowl, but just the picks that we think are getting the best value while still being a somewhat realistic choice to pull off something this major.

Kansas City Chiefs+500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+600
Buffalo Bills+1200
Los Angeles Rams+1200
San Francisco 49ers+1300
Baltimore Ravens+1600
Cleveland Browns+1600
Green Bay Packers+1600
Indianapolis Colts+2200
Seattle Seahawks+2200
Denver Broncos+2500
Tennessee Titans+2500
Los Angeles Chargers+2800
New England Patriots+2800
Dallas Cowboys+3000
New Orleans Saints+3000
Miami Dolphins+3300
Arizona Cardinals+4000
Pittsburgh Steelers+4500
Chicago Bears+5000
Minnesota Vikings+5000
Washington Football Team+5500
Carolina Panthers+6000
Atlanta Falcons+7500
Las Vegas Raiders+7500
New York Giants+9000
Philadelphia Eagles+9000
Cincinnati Bengals+10000
Jacksonville Jaguars+10000
New York Jets+10000
Detroit Lions+15000
Houston Texans+17500

Top Value Super Bowl LVI Picks

Cleveland Browns (+1600): Last season was important for the Browns, as they took a step from disappointing up-and-comer to a legit contender. We saw their offense take a nice step forward, and it was a big part of their 11-5 season, as they finished strong and won a playoff game. They have the big 1-2 punch at RB with Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, and a passing game that is getting better will get Odell Beckham for hopefully a whole season. Defense remains a sticking point, and they’re hoping first-round corner Greg Newsome II helps, along with additions Jadeveon Clowney, Malik Jackson, and S John Johnson. They finished strong, got stronger, and offer some upside at 16-to-1 odds.

Tennessee Titans (+2500): There seems to be a persistent undervaluing of the Titans the last few years. They’re a contender. They’re getting better. They’re doing a lot of things right. Yet still, they’re mid-pack in terms of odds. A vital offense that features Derrick Henry and top receiving talent like AJ Brown just got Julio Jones, and if he can stay healthy, that could really take their offense up another notch. On defense, they added a first-round corner, DT Denico Autry, and Bud Dupree. Coach Mike Vrabel has latched onto a winning formula, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they could crank it up another level or two.

Arizona Cardinals (+4000): Granted, last season was a small step backward for a rising Cardinals squad that was in a lot of tough spots. And they did lose a lot of people, with veteran Larry Fitzgerald going off into the sunset, while Patrick Peterson, Hasson Reddick, and others are also departed. But in the third year of the Kliff Kingsbury/Kyler Murray marriage, perhaps we see a bit of a surge. They beefed up the line for Murray a bit, also adding some help in the draft. They got a few veterans who could help, including RB James Conner, WR AJ Green, and a potential difference-maker on defense in the form of JJ Watt. There are difference-makers on both sides of the ball. Last season was a letdown, and it didn’t end strongly, but something tells me they’re right on the cusp.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+4500) This is not an easy one to defend. Last memories are the most vivid, and to see the Steelers floundering over the last handful of games last season was distressing for potential Steelers backers this year. A few things make me look at this a little differently. One is urgency, and we saw that over the first ten games last season. It’s been a while since the Steelers were real factors, and their big start last season saw the Steelers trying to make amends for their recent failings. And for the first ten weeks, they were as much a contender as anyone. Adding RB Najee Harris in the draft offers promise, though other moves were puzzlingly sparse. But something tells me that hungry Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger, likely in his last hurrah, might just come up with something. Where are you doing your football betting this year? Does your sportsbook offer discounted odds? NO! Why lay -110 odds on sides and totals when you could be laying only -1o05 at BAS Sportsbook? It doens’t make sense to pay $110 to win $100 (or $1100 to win $1000 if you’re a large bettor) if you could be laying $105 to win $100 (or $1050 to win $1000). It doesn’t sound like much, but those savings add up to a HUGE amount of cash by the end of the season and even more importantly, over the long haul. You’ll likely save thousands of dollars in risked money that you could be using to be ice cold beer or piss away on your nag wife so you can buy more time to watch football! (Yeah, you ain’t alone!) Click here to start betting at a cheaper price today!


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