Week 10 NFL Point Spreads and Betting Odds

Week 10 NFL brings us 14 games with the Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers on bye week.

Key matchups this week include the Thursday night tilt between the Ravens/Falcons, New Engalnd/Pittsburgh and one has to wonder if the Cleveland Browns can knock down the NYJ which would give them their third straight upset.

Listed below, you’ll find the OPENING LINES for NFL Week 10. The spreads/totals can and will fluctuate.

Week Ten NFL Point Spreads
by Predictem.com Staff

Thursday Night (11/11) Point Spread:

105 Baltimore Ravens +1
106 Atlanta Falcons -1
Total: 43

Sunday 11/14) 1PM EST Lines

215 Cincinnati Bengals OFF
216 Indianapolis Colts OFF
Total: OFF

217 Houston Texans +1
218 Jacksonville Jaguars -1
Total: 50

219 Tennessee Titans -1
220 Miami Dolphins +1
Total: 41.5

221 Minnesota Vikings -1
222 Chicago Bears +1
Total: 39

223 Detroit Lions OFF
224 Buffalo Bills OFF
Total: OFF

225 New York Jets -3
226 Cleveland Browns +3
Total: 37.5

227 Carolina Panthers OFF
228 Tampa Bay Buccaneers OFF
Total: OFF

Sunday Late Games (4PM EST)

229 Kansas City Chiefs -1
230 Denver Broncos +1
Total: 42

231 St. Louis Rams +6
232 SF 49ers -6
Total: 38.5

233 Seattle Seahawks OFF
234 Arizona Cardinals OFF
Total: OFF

235 Dallas Cowboys +13.5
236 New York Giants -13.5
Total: 44

Sunday Night Football (5:20PM EST)

237 New England Patriots OFF
238 Pittsburgh Steelers OFF
Total: OFF

Monday Night Football Line (11/15)

239 Philadelphia Eagles -3
240 Washington Redskins +3
Total 41.5

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