Roulette: The Two Column Shuffle

Roulette: The Two Column Shuffle
by Wilson of

The roulette table has three different sets of numbers divided into columns which are separated into three rows. This strategy is probably one of the most commonly used at the roulette table. The payoff is two to one on a wager made for a column bet. This simply means that a player who places a $5 chip on one of the columns of twelve numbers and wins will receive $10 in return. Lets take a look at a hypothetical session using the two column shuffle strategy.

To begin the session you need to place two bets on either two of the three columns. For example, if you are playing on a $5 minimum table you could place a $5 chip on the row that represents the numbers 1-34 (row 1) and another $5 chip on the row that represents the numbers 2-35 (row 2). Now these numbers may confuse the novice, but there are twelve numbers in each row. The numbers run left to right in order on the entire layout, but the rows or columns run top to bottom thus creating the three columns.
The basic idea of this strategy is to cover as many numbers as possible with a relatively small amount of money. So if a player places a $5 bet on both the first and second columns and a winning number hits on the first column the player will win $10 for the $5 bet and lose the $5 bet on the second column. Now, the next round of betting should go as follows: add $5 to the original first column bet thus making this bet $10 total. Next, switch the second bet to the third column and only bet the table minimum of $5 for this wager. In short, as a player using this strategy, you want to press win you win and alternate the losing bet between the other two columns.

I have used this strategy several times and for the most part it is a great way to keep the game simple and yet exciting. When or if you get on a winning streak, try playing a couple of numbers straight up (one number bet which pays off at 35 to 1) and you may just hit a huge pay day! My theory is simple, if youre winning and playing with the casinos money you should at least attempt to hit it big, but remember to set aside your buy-in and desired profit before you start throwing down the long shot wagers. There is no better feeling than knowing youre ahead and playing with other peoples money!

Roulette is a very popular casino game, and it can also provide a player with a change of pace as it traditionally is slower and less complicated than its counterparts in blackjack and craps. So the next time youre in a casino or want to try and play roulette online, give the two column strategy a try and see if you can make a few bucks and ultimately bet with the houses money. Luck to ya.