Why So Many Slot Machines in the Casino?

Slot Machines: Wherever You May Roam!
by Wilson of Predictem.com

Why are there so many Slot Machines in a casino?

Have you ever wondered why the first thing you see when you enter a casino is a row of slot machines? Well, its not an accident or coincidence. Casinos know exactly what they are doing and its no different than the grocery store that builds elaborate towers of on sale items at the head of every isle! Its all about the sale baby!

There is a reason why casinos have more slot machines than any other type of game. People will always play them! Studies show that casinos make up to 75 percent of their profits directly from slot machine revenues. The average casino take on a slot machine is 15 percent or fifteen dollars for every one hundred dollars played. You can do the math on these numbers and quickly understand why you see so many slot machines!

Guaranteed Money Back!

You will often notice flashy signs above sections of slot machines that guarantee 95 to 99 percent return on your invested money. This means that over time, you will get back 95 to 99 cents for every dollar you gamble. The trick is the over time scenario which could be hours, days or months! But if you enjoy the thrill of an instant win, then slot machines are for you!

The first time I won on a slot machine was in Las Vegas at a place called the Silver City Casino. It was for eighty five dollars but it felt like a million! I immediately fell in love with the rush of an instant victory as I continued to play just about every machine in that casino until all my money was gone!

The attraction of bells and whistles, bright colors, extravagant prizes, and a chance to win a ton of money will always keep slot machines at the forefront of casino gambling.


Location, location, location

Back in the day most casinos new which machines were more likely to win or hit matching symbols. Therefore, the casinos strategically placed these machines by all the entrances to the casino so people would witness others winning money and naturally flock to the excitement. Well, this worked for a while but casinos began to notice that gamblers were not going farther into the casino to play other games and spend more money. In fact, most casinos were losing money because people would come in the door, play a certain amount of money and leave- win or lose.

Eventually most casinos reversed their theory by placing less productive (hard slots to win) machines by the entrance which are usually vacant due to their losing history. The more productive or active machines were moved farther inside the casino thus leading to other slots and table games. Again, its much like the milk in a grocery store; the cereal may be on a front aisle display but you need the milk to complete the deal, and the milk is always in the back!

However loose a slot machine may appear it really is a random event when it lines up a winner. Today there are a ton of regulations and rules that gaming companies must follow and we will discuss those in future articles but if you do visit your favorite casino soon, be sure to cruise around the entire slot area before you find yourself compulsively pumping money into a bandit. Remember that todays slots are much more complicated and you really need to be aware of the payouts and playing procedures. Stay tuned for more slot talk. Luck to ya.