Betting on Soccer Totals: The Over/Under 2.5 Goals Bet

Soccer Totals: Betting the Over/Under 2.5 Goals Bet
by Jason Green of

In the last few years there has been a new soccer bet that has become very popular. What I am talking about here is the Over/Under 2.5 goals bet. Just like an Over/Under in any other sport this bet is not hard to explain, as it is betting on a game total and whether it will be either Over or Under 2.5 goals.

People new to the world of soccer betting may find it hard to understand this bet, as obviously 2.5 goals cannot be scored in any soccer match. The number 2.5 is just the number that is between the goal marks of 2 and 3 that lets soccer bettors to wager on either the Over or the Under making a tie impossible.


The Over/Under bet is very popular these days in that soccer bettors find it a little less difficult to predict the goal total instead of the result in a match. For instance, in a soccer match that has a couple of teams that do not score often, such as in the Italian A League or Portuguese League, it is very likely that it will be a low scoring game. In matches between a couple of teams that score often and do not pay as much attention to defense it is more likely that there will be more then 2 goals scored.

If you are able to pinpoint a team that tends to play matches that feature fewer then 2.5 goals, you can be successful with this kind of bet. There have been many great teams that win a lot of their matches, but do not score often. In recent times most Champions League matches and derby matches are ones that are low scoring.

Pinpointing a soccer team that is a solid bet for the Over/Under 2.5 is not only about how many goals that team scores. The defense is also very important, as how many goals a team concedes also is vital in seeing if a team tends to be in high scoring or low scoring matches.

Since the Over/Under 2.5 goal bet is very popular there are also other goal totals that you can find these days, such as 1.5, 3.5, and even 4.5. However, the 2.5 goal bet is the one that you will see posted most often.

In looking at the odds of the 2.5 Over/Under bet can give you good betting value compared to other soccer bets. If you know a lot about soccer you can do some research in order to increase your chances of winning this type of bet. When handicapping a soccer game and you want to make this bet, check out injuries to key offensive and defensive players. If a high scoring team is without their big gun at forward it is more likely that they will not score as many goals as they usually do. Conversely, if a key defensive player or goalkeeper is out they may concede more goals then they usually do. You also should check out the weather for the game, as obviously if the weather calls for rain it is less likely that a match will see many goals.