Fernando Torres to Jump Ship to Manchester United?

Fernando Torres to Jump Ship to Manchester United?

by Jason Green of Predictem.com

A tabloid in the UK recently reported that Manchester United may dole out 40 million to try pry away Fernando Torres from Liverpool. Man U will use some of the 80 million they will get for the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid in order to land the Spanish striker.


Liverpool would hate to see Torres go, especially to their main rivals in the Premier League, but the article stated that Man U manager Sir Alex Furguson thinks that the 40 they will offer to Liverpool will be something that they will have to consider.

The bid of 40 million for Torres would be 2X the amount that Liverpool paid to get Torres in 2007 from Atletico Madrid. Man U really needs to get some offense, as Renaldo is not only gone, but striker Carlos Tevez will also probably leave the Premier League champions.

Man U has already compiled a list of players that they may go after this summer. Some of the bigger names that Man U are interested in are Franck Ribery, David Silva, Karim Benzema, Antonio Valencia, and Samuel Eto’o. Eto’o was though to be heading to Inter Milan, but Barcelona nixed that deal.

Torres had a fantastic first season in Liverpool with 24 goals in the Premier League, but last season he was injured off and on for the whole season and ended with 14 goals. If he is healthy Torres is still one of the most exciting young attackers in the world and Man U needs to fill the shoes of the departed Renaldo, who is considered the best forward in the game today.