Looks like Real Madrid will not get Franck Ribery

Looks like Real Madrid will not get Franck Ribery
by Jason Green of Predictem.com

Well it looks as if Real Madrid will miss out on getting Franck Ribery, as Bayern Munich’s general manager Uli Hoeness says he will be staying put. Hoeness knows the lure of going to Real Madrid with the money that they can offer, but the French striker will not be switching clubs this off-season. The Bundesliga giants’ GM has recognized that the money that Ribery would get from Real would be significant and it would be an amount that any player would be lured by.

The press in Germany has reported that Ribery could make up to 10 million per season in Madrid. Ribery has been high on the list of Real Madrid since they locked up Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo. Yet even with all the money that Ribery would be offered he will be playing in the Bundesliga next season. Bayern did not win the Bundesliga last season, but they are the favorites this season. There will be a lot of pressure on Ribery and Luca Toni to bring back the title to Bayern.

Hoeness recently stated, “I can fully see Franck’s viewpoint. You have to be aware that this is all about massive sums of money – unimaginable amounts. Franck is 26 years old and it’s quite natural that he would be tempted by all this. I would be interested to see how the other players at the club would react when confronted by something like that – if they had an offer from Real Madrid. I doubt that they would all happily continue being a Bayern Munich player.”

Hoeness stated point blank that, “Franck Ribery will remain at Bayern Munich. There is no doubt.” That is good news for fans of Bayern Munich, as if Ribery would have moved to greener, i.e. richer, pastures the Bayern fans may have felt like the AC Milan fans do now by losing a solid player. AC Milan fans have protested recently because their GM, and Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Burlesconi let Kaka go and they have not brought in other big-name players to replace him.