Manchester United Scrambling for Strikers

Manchester United Scrambling for Strikers
by Jason Green of

Manchester United won the Premier League last season and was the Champions League runner up, but their off-season has them remaining an elite team in jeopardy. First they lose Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid and they will lose Carlos Tevez as well, as the striker looks to sign with Manchester City soon. Man U made an offer to Tevez, but he rejected the offer, as he wanted to move on after not being happy with his role at Man U. Now Man U us scrambling for strikers and first on their list looks to be Barcelona’s Samuel Eto’o.

To add insult to injury it looks as if Man U will be in a battle with Chelsea and Manchester City, as both those clubs are also interested in Eto’o. Man U fans are not happy with the departures and the Premier League club. Man U has a policy of brining in players that are younger then 26 years of age, but they may overlook that to bring in 28-year-old Eto’o.

The first striker Man U manager Alex Ferguson wanted to sign was Lyon’s Karim Benzema, but it looks as if he will stay in France for another year in order to ensure his spot on the French World Cup squad. That deal is not dead and Man U increased their offer for him, but it does not look likely.

Man U is also reportedly interested in signing Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero. He did not have a great season, but he is still seen as a solid young player. Man U may be willing to pay his 60 million buy-out to land Aguero.