Sportsbook Added to Predictem’s Reduced Juice List

by | Last updated Aug 16, 2021 | Sportsbook News

Predictem sorts sportsbooks by many categories like Teaser and Parlay payout odds, payout fees, year online, bonuses, and of course Reduced Juice. Reduced juice, AKA reduced vig, is anything less than the standard -110 (10 cents in total vigorish) line. Youwager has joined our list with their Friday -105 offering.

Youwager -105 Friday Nights

Youwager Sportsbook offers -105 pricing on Friday nights for all football sides and total bets. This can be very useful to bettors who put in their plays before game day.

For example: If a player has Youwager as of of his or her sportsbooks and is about to bet $1,100 on the Patriots -5 during the week, he can collect nearly $50 more on his winning wager if he holds off to bet it until Friday night. Adding 5% on your return on investment over time can be the difference between a winning and losing season. But there are other reasons why Youwager’s low juice offering is significant.

#1 Youwager & Line shopping

To have another bookie on a low margin increases your odds of getting a much better price when comparing pricing and line options. If Youwager is a half point different from your other sportsbooks and that half point favors the way you were planning to bet the game, that could be another 15% edge you would get because you compared lines and prices! (Depending on the average line and on which number as a half point extra on -3 or -7 is worth a lot more than off 11. Add to that your 5% savings.) Getting these advantages can seem like work. That’s because it is. It’s the type of work pro bettors do daily to maximize wins and minimize losses.

#2 Youwager’s Big Bonus

There are reduced juice low vig sportsbooks that focus on Asian bettors, UK bettors and and USA bettors. One thing they all have in common is when reduced juice is their bookmaking model, they refrain from offering big bonuses or any bonus at all. The margin is too slim making each wager a losing proposition for the house. This is the case if you bet -105 at Youwager, do basic line shopping and take their 100% free play bonus. Yes, all gamblers lose because they bet into odds that are not favorable. That is, by definition, the difference between gambling and investing. What is the long term expectation of your investment? In the old days when bookmaking was less refined, some books had odds so high on 3 to 5 team teasers and parlays that any coin-flippers could group teams together and come out ahead. In a suimilar way getting a bonus changes the payout odds on a -105 bet. It will almost always erase the vig and make it better than a +100 wager.

Also on our list of sportsbooks that offer less than 10% vig is Nitrogen Sportsbook and 5Dimes.

Nitrogen Sportsbook got its footing in the online sportsbook business by offering super fast bitcoin transfers and only bitcoin transfers. Their timing was perfect because bitcoin was established as a viable payment method yet the big betting sites had not yet adopted it. Within bitcoin sportsbooks, which at the time was a niche, Nitrogen stood out by offering reduced juice. Nitrogen has told us that being a bitcoin-only book has saved them from the overhead that traditional online sportsbooks offer. You can see more about our best bitcoin sportsbooks here but what gives Nitrogen its spot on this list? 10 to 15 cent lines on all major sports.

To break that down, on your typical spread or total, instead of seeing -110, representing 10% vig, you may see -105 for each side. Or sometimes that may be -109 on one side and -103 on the other. Nitrogen doesn’t use a set margin but they are always inside 15% split between the two teams (or over unders) and usually around -105 to -107. As mentioned above in regards to Youwager, your win percentage can be lower than those betting -110 and still turn a profit. Winners win more. Losers lose less.

5Dimes Sportsbook is the leader in bargain pricing. The sportsbook is always at -105 pricing ( 10 cents in total) and has as high of limits as any betting site when you consider you can bet the maximum over and over again (as long as 5Dimes does not change the line to where you do not want it anymore). 5Dimes also has the most extensive betting menu. You can see more about why 5dimes is one of the best sportsbooks overall here. But in terms of value, they operate on the lowest margins. If every book has the same line across the board, 5Dimes will have a lower price making it the obvious choice. For baseball bettors, there is also 5 cent overnight lines. That’s 5 as in 5 cents total. That means two teams will be priced at -102 and -103.

Predictem will continue to watch for reduced juice line sets, even promotional ones, to keep readers aware of these deals just as we update bonuses weekly. Last year GTbets Sportsbook had NBA prices discounted by 10% (-109/-109) however GTbets has not been able to confirm that it will be offered for the 2018-2019 basketball season.