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GTBets Review

GTbets is one of the newer sportsbooks on our top 10 list, but that doesn’t make them new. At ten+ years old, the sportsbook and its management have a reputation for VIP service. In 2011 two of the original betting sites, VIP and GameDay Sportsbook cashed out all players and closed their doors. These sportsbook brands were a few of only a handful that operated out of the island country of Curacao. Some of management and ownership decided they didn’t like the idea of leaving the business they loved for the past ten years and decided to open GTbets. Still located in Curacao, with new modern software and wagering options, many of the former VIP players still enjoy betting at GTbets and often say they continue to feel like a VIP.

NOTE: GTBets no longer caters to the United States market and sadly we’re no longer actively advertising them. Please check out Bovada Sportsbook by clicking the link below!

The software used by VIP, Gameday and later GTbets was one of two not based on ASI or DGS software. Players liked its unique feel and having a user interface alternative that wasn’t the same as every other sportsbook. But eventually being different wasn’t enough and GTbets knew players expected more. One player told us: “It was like driving a SAAB when everyone else cars looked the same, but I still got sick of rolling down my windows.” That’s why over the last few years GTbets has rebuilt its software from the ground up with a focus on live wagering, a betting slip with tabbed wagering options, and a focus on speed and performance. GTbets has told Predictem that a significant portion of old bettors from over six years ago returned once options and performance have increased. has also offered some of the most aggressive bonuses and promotions, something old-school bettors became accustomed to when they used VIP.

GTbets Overview

GTBets Sportsbook Details

Online Since: July 2011
Sign up Bonus: 125% bonus up to $400 with bonus code PREDICTEM
Bonus Fine Print: 12X rollover
Reduced Juice: -109 NBA lines
MLB Dimeline: Yes, up to -160
Unique Odds: Yes – GTbets College Football is often outside average line
Special Offers: Yes – Free Half Point on your favorite teams!
Deposits: Credit Card, Gift Card, Bitcoin
Bitcoin: Yes, Bitcoin held in USD
Payouts: Bitcoin – (only 1x per month) Bank Wire – Fee: $40.
GT Bets Pros: Good Bonuses & Support, Fun to use website
GT Bets Cons: Hefty Fee on 2nd bitcoin payouts after the 1st freebie

GTbets & VIP

GTbets very much wanted to earn new customers on its own merits. After all, despite its bloodlines, this was a new brand and its own sportsbook. But at the same time, GTbets didn’t launch as a new sportsbook making new sportsbook mistakes. The team was seasoned even back in 2011, and the software was tested. A legitimate player base existed on day one, and GTbets bonuses were well thought out and fun for new and returning users. VIP was a sportsbook for entertainment betting AKA for recreational bettors and GTbets would also focus on that same experience. Predictem can state that there has not been a payout, wagering or bonus complaint as the Curacao-based sportsbook has remained in good standing.

GTbets Sign-up Bonus – Don’t be confused by the “Point System.”

Gtbets routinely has one of the most competitive bonuses. Gtbets considers it a marketing expense and is happy to spend on promotions and bonuses. The current 100% cash bonus is high and with a top cap at $500 it is not just about advertising the flashy percentage. However, there are some things to be aware of going into the bonus agreement.

No.1 All bonuses, of course, require a rollover. At GTbets all the different bonuses from slots to horses to sports have an amount of “points” that are applied for each dollar played. In sports, it is 5 points for every $10 bet. What does that mean for bettors? That means your rollover counts at 50 cents on the dollar… which means you can essentially double the listed rollover. A 10x play-through is actually 20x. That means that a 100% bonus of $500 on a $500 deposit is $20,000 in action. For a limit bettor, this can be one weekend of betting. For the bettor who wanted to maximize the max bonus but only bets $20 per game… Make yourself drink-the-milk-right-from-the-jug at home and get comfortable. You are going head to head with the house for a few months.

No.2 GTbets very much wants the new player to have a full experience and try them out. The bonus and its rollover are not about getting a shot at the player’s money. GTbets loses money on these bonuses when not factoring in the second and third deposit. So, GTbets does not want a player to take the gift and let it ride on the Patriots moneyline VS the Browns. GTbets isn’t interested in players betting for ONLY the bonus. For that reason, the sportsbook will not count moneyline favorites of -300 or higher. You can bet the Golden State Warriors vs. tanking lottery teams all year, and it will never count toward the bonus play-through.

GTbets Reduced Juice Promotions

When I use my credit card, I always make sure I am getting the most points or cash back for that next purchase. Why? Because it adds up over time and as a rule, I don’t pay more than I need to. GTbets offers -109 NBA sides. That doesn’t seem like a lot…because it isn’t. But using the best practice of getting the biggest return for each bet, it does matter. When the Celtics are -3 at most books, but GTbets has -2.5, that -2.5 is even sweeter paying a tad less vig. Add the bonus to that value, and you can invest in those Celtics with a positive expectation.

Unique Odds

GTbets won’t ever be the first sportsbook to open a line. As mentioned, GTbets is a recreational sportsbook and isn’t trying to impress fellow bookmakers by having an opinion and hanging the first line on a Dota2 eSports match. But GTbets offers at least a few lines per night that you can’t get at another sportsbook or at least can’t be beaten. If a player were to go back through odds archives, they would see dog lines on NBA, NFL and College Football that are 5 cents better than the rest of the market.

Bitcoin – GTbets is the Go-To Sportsbook For Game Time

GTbets will routinely credit a Bitcoin deposit in a few minutes but ask that you expect around 20 minutes for your funds to be credited to your balance. Knowing which books can get you down right away is essential when you suddenly want to fire right before kickoff or on something like a halftime line. This makes GTbets one of the best for quick bitcoin deposits.

For bitcoin withdrawals, GTbets is on the slow side. Relative to general withdrawals, GTbets bitcoin is still fast. But for the instant gratification rightfully expected by the bitcoin community, up to 48 hours is a long wait. For the guy who is setting up his bankroll for the season, it likely doesn’t matter. For the player who bets the rent on Sunday and needs it back by lunch on Monday, there are other options (including Gamblers Anonymous!). Bitcoin is free, as it should be, for the first monthly payout. However, after that, it is 5%. GTbets likely is attempting to keep accounting from having to review many small payouts, but players will perceive GTbets as making a profit on bitcoin payouts. For that reason, we have asked GTbets to reconsider the fee structure.

GTbets Cons

When it comes to the core functions of a sportsbook, GTbets is light on negatives. We would like to see them eliminate the policy that could leave a bad taste in the player’s mouth. That would be the bitcoin processing fee after the first monthly freebie. We’d also like to see the bonus terms for sports be simplified as we broke down for readers above. That may mean a bonus dedicated to sports without the point system extra calculation.

GTbets Pros – VIP Service and Betting Options

GTbets is top sportsbook with a perfect reputation. Players will find one of the best signup bonuses, a good betting menu, fun promotions, and a nice user interface. Our sportsbook cons section often includes a bonus term that we feel could be better, but the reality is it is still free money and a good amount of it at that. GTbets boasts one of the highest rates of player activity after the first bonus, suggesting that their investment in getting players to try them continues to pay off.