2008 NBA Draft Betting – Bet on the Player to be the First Pick in the 2008 NBA Draft

NBA Draft Betting
by The Mailman of Predictem.com

Top online bookie, Sportsbook.com is now offering odds on which player will be picked first in the 2008 NBA Draft.

According to the current posted odds, the bookies are very confident that one of two players will be selected first, Memphis’s Derrick Rose (10-13 odds) or Kansas State’s Michael Beasley (1-1 even odds).

The other players in the mix include USC’s O.J. Mayo at 50-1, Stanford’s Brook Lopez at 50-1 and UCLA big man Kevin Love at a whopping 250-1.

Lastly, if you feel that none of those players are going to be the first pick and that the Bulls are going to surprise all with a sleeper pick not listed above, you can get a juicy 50-1 odds on “the field” bet.