A Note About Sportsbook Bonuses

The Truth About Sportsbook Bonuses
by Predictem.com Staff

Before we get started, let’s define what a sportsbook bonus is from the outside looking in. Then we’ll take a further look at what a bonus “really is” and why you should read the fine print before accepting one.(Depending on what type of player you are.)

The truth about sportsbook bonuses is that their not for everybody. If you read the fine print almost all online sportsbooks clearly note they are intended for use by recreational bettors.

With that being said, if you are a guy looking to make a deposit, bet games every day or weekend, then cash out at the end of the season or keep playing into the next sport, then a bonus isn’t a bad thing and can be used to your advantage. Free money is a great incentive to sign up at a reputable sportsbook and give them your action.

If your a sharp player looking to come in, lay a whipping or scalp your way along then meet the rollover and cash out with the thought of taking the books free money with you, (aka: bonus hunter or bonus whore) then you should probably think twice, because they have rules listed in the fine print that are going to foil your attempt.

Simply put, the times have changed and online sports bookies and their establishments are no longer interested in doling out free money as an incentive only to get beat up in the long run for doing so. Many sportsbooks will slow pay this type of player and/or rescind their bonus. It’s also been said that some online sports books share lists of these players with other bookies. There’s only so many REALLY good outs on the web, don’t ruin it for yourself abusing the bonuses these books offer. Getting blacklisted isn’t worth it.

While this may seem unfair, they cover themselves in the fine print. Think of it this way. If everybody were to bonus whore, the books would go out of business. Their willing to reward loyalty with a sign up bonus or a reload bonus, but not willing to do so to those that aren’t going to stick around for the long term as their looking for clients, not to be hit and run.

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