Ask the Bookie – Questions and Answers from Real Bookies

Ever had sports betting related questions that you’d like to bounce off a bookie but you don’t know one? Well now you can with our ask the bookie section. Simply send us your question to predictem at and we’ll forward it to one of many bookies we’re in contact with. He will then answer the question and we’ll post it right here within one week of the time you emailed us! That’s right! We’ll post it right here for all our readers to see!

Questions and Answers:

Q: Predictem Forum member hodown asks: “What is the home field advantage worth relative to odds in baseball betting?”

A: 35 cents. Other notes of interest: home teams win 53.6% of the time as opposed to road teams winning 46.4%. Therefore the home team advantage is worth 7.2%.

Q: Gary from Canada asks: “Ive heard that certain betting shops move their lines on air. What the hell does that mean?”

A: The majority of the books do move their line when the volume of betting action is proportionately one-sided. However, some of the smaller online sports books will follow a line service and move the pointspread when they see other bookmakers raise or lower their spreads. So in other words, they didnt have the betting volume to justify changing the odds ABC Sportsbook moved the line on air.

Question: What happens when one team wins and the other game ties or is no action in a 2 team parlay?
Answer: The parlay reduces to the next lowest number of plays which is a single straight bet in which you’d lay -110 odds.

Q: What does “off the board” mean in betting?

A: A game will go “off the board” if a key player is questionable or if the weather of a game is unknown an inclement enough to affect theh point spread. When a game is “off the board”, it means that the bookie is not currently offering a line which means the game is not bettable. The game comes back “on the board” once the sportsbook figures out the certainty of the player’s status or the weather of the game.

Q: What is a pleaser?

A: A pleaser wager is like a parlay except harder to beat. It’s like a parlay in that your betting on 2 or more teams, both of which must win in order to cash out your betting ticket. It’s also much different than a parly and somewhat similar to a teaser in that you move the line “x” amount of points but instead of moving those points in your favor, you move them the opposite direction. Example: in a parlay, you would bet whatever the vegas line is on a game. In a teaser, you would get points to move in your favor vs. the vegas line. In a pleaser, if say you were betting a 7 point pleaser and taking the Dallas Cowboyws whose line is -7, you would now be betting them at -14. As you can see, this makes the wager harder to conquer hence the huge odds on pleaser payouts as their harder to beat. Especially when you consider the fact that you have to win 2 or more games to cash one out.