Office Pools – Squares Contests

Like many people out there, you want to get into office pools but maybe you don’t have a big enough office or maybe you don’t even have an office at all. Never fear! A cure for the small officed and the self-employed is here! Online pools hosted by online sportsbooks! In this article we’ll teach you how to play and where you can enter these contests online.

For those of you who landed here because you don’t know what an office pools is, we’ll explain. Picture a big square cut up into 100 smaller squares (a grid). Now divide those squares up (office pools and squares contests are usually sold for $1.00 per square) amongst all the people in your office. Now randomely add the numbers 0-9, 1 for each box going down the left side and across the top. Designate a team for the left side and the other team for the top.

Once a sporting event has ended, you take the last digit furthest to the right in each team’s score and that is your winning number. You take those numbers to your office pool board and find the number on the left which corresponds to the first team’s final score, then go across the top and find the number that corresopnds to the other teams score. You meet them in the middle and whoever’s name is in that box is deemed the winner.

“Squares” contests are a great way to gamble using a minimum investment with the potential of a maximum reward. Many offices get together and do this for the Super Bowl, college bowl games, World Series Games, NBA playoffs and more.

Now let’s talk about where you can enter these online: