Sportsbook Loyalty Programs – Player Rewards

As noted in other articles around the site, most online sportsbooks offer great incentives such as loyalty programs or player rewards to help influence your decision on playing at their online sportsbook rather than somebody else’s. This is also a way of saying thank you as well as they do indeed appreciate your business whether your a small recreational player or a whale. (large bettor)

Some of the more intelligent sportsbooks have implemented these loyalty programs which reward the player with points every time they make a wager which once a bunch are accumulated/accrued can be turned in for free bets, cash, free payouts, trips, prizes and more.

Each sportsbook has their own way of compiling points but the standard is usually to get one point for every dollar wagered and some will even award more than that if the wagers your placing are parlays.

A good tip to give you as well is don’t try to cash these points out while your on a winning streak or are carrying a fat balance. The sportsbooks have it in fine print that these are to be given away at their discretion. One time we asked for one from a reputable sportsbook and the rep snared back at us with “Your beating us for a ton, you aren’t eligible to receive this bet at this time” which was a complete surprise to us so we thought we’d warn you that you should probably not use these when your stomping them or carrying a heavy balance. For whatever reason, their much more likely to comply if your on a bad streak or don’t have a big balance.

Let’s take a look at some of the better sportsbook rewards programs from reputable online sportsbooks:

Sportbet Accrue as little as 1000 points and receive a $5 free play. On the high end accumulate 25,000 points and get a $250 free play.

Sportsbooks Offering Loyalty Programs but Not Available to USA Players:

Intertops – Offers one of the coolest player loyalty programs on the web. Points are awarded for each bet that you place. Once you reach certain thresholds, a bonus is released to your account. They are continuous which is the ultimate way of saying thank you to their clients as there is no limit to the amount of bonus dollars you can receive! Highly recommended as they are one of the oldest sportsbooks on the net!

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