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Intertops Review

Do you remember when Kevin Garnett and Jerry Stackhouse were fresh-faced rookies and both favored to NBA win rookie of the year? Neither do we and that’s how long Intertops has been online. That was 1996. Intertops claims to have taken their first wager in January of that year before any other sportsbook took a bet via the internet. We have yet to find a sports bettor who used Prodigy or AOL to verify these claims. But whether it was winter or summer of 96, Intertops is one of the true originals.

Intertops was ahead of its time from the beginning. The betting menu and software had a ton of options and markets. Intertops started as a phone operation in Germany and later in the UK. Eventually Intertops became big with North American sports bettors and did so with a European exotic feel. It felt unfamiliar at times but always interesting. If Bodog and were Pam Anderson, Intertops was Nadia from American Pie. Nostalgia aside, 20 years on and Intertops has grown into one of the most reliable and overall best sportsbooks.

Intertops Overview

Intertops Sportsbook Details


Online Since: January, 1996
Sign up Bonus: 50% Cash up to $200
Bonus Fine Print:

4X play-thru for 50% & 8x for 100% Bitcoin Bonus

Lower of wager risk or win amount counts toward rollover

Reduced Juice: No
Unique Odds: No - Intertops represents the market’s average line
Deposits: Credit Card, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash
Bitcoin: Yes, Held in USD

Check: $3,000 per week, Fee: $50

Bank transfer: $2,500 per week, fee $50

Bitcoin - always free

Intertops Pros: Great Website, Tons of Props, Large Bonus, Oldest Sportsbook
Intertops Cons: Relatively low limits for both wagers and weekly withdrawals

Intertops is Proud to be first

Throughout their website Intertops reminds players they have been online for 22 years and markets themselves with the tagline “Play with the first”. While Intertops must be considered a medium sized sportsbook which was never been an aggressive marketer, they have maintained a reputation for consistency and professionalism.

Websites were ugly in the 90s!

Sign-up Bonus - Best Bitcoin Bonus

UPDATE: This Bonus was Paused on 12/9/18. For the Best Extra Bitcoin Bonus see our Bovada Review
A few sportsbooks are offering two different versions of their signup bonuses. A Bitcoin Bonus AKA Crypto-Bonus and their regular deposit bonus. Intertops is dangling a monster $1000 cash with an 8x play-through for players who are willing to use bitcoin. To put that deal into perspective you could let your wife make your picks, go 50%, and still come out with $600 in bonus dollars after the rollover was complete. Ladies! I’m kidding. There are many sharp female bettors. Some of the sharpest slots players I know are women!

If you were only planning to deposit $400 and don’t want to jump in the bitcoin waters, Intertops will bonus you $200 with their 50% cash bonus which comes with a 4x rollover. Great for the in-and-out weekend adventure.

Bonus Terms - Be ready to fire!

The one uniquely negative thing about the Intertops bonus offer is that no matter how much you bet, a maximum of $200 counts towards your rollover. If you took the 2nd option of 50% cash bonus, you probably don’t notice. If you took the $1000… well, be aware that eight $1k bets won’t do it. You’ll be making a minimum of 40 wagers to get that free grand back in your pocket. This usually only hurts the bonus hunter looking to quickly redeem max bonus amounts at many books. However, if you didn’t know going in, and your wife expects that 10 karat cubic zirconia on her birthday… You may find yourself betting on 5 different parlay combinations of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs the Yomiuri Giants at 2am.

No Unique Odds or Reduced Juice

Intertops sportsbook is going to give high value per bet with its industry leading bonuses and there is a modest baseball dimeline up to -140. But Intertops isn’t going to be the 6th book you’ll add for the opportunity to get a line that differs from your other five betting sites. That said, Intertops can sometimes match or offer the best line on an NBA side or NFL total.

Bitcoin - It’s in the bonus

If you are well funded in bitcoin, it opens up possible advantages at every book simply because lines and offers are available within minutes. At Intertops bitcoin is juicey because of the bonus offer. Intertops is not one of the fastest at processing bitcoin withdrawals taking as long as 1 week. That said, bitcoin is free and up $12,000 per month can be moved to the player in a month’s time. Intertops always has the industry’s smallest minimum bitcoin deposit of $10, half as much as the next lowest sportsbook. For the player who wants to burn his bitcoin change on a 6 teamer, Intertops is his or her best option.

Intertops Cons

Intertops hasn’t fully embraced the idea of bitcoin being synonymous with fast. Very large bettors will find that processes including rollovers and limits are not catering to their style of play. For most players Intertops will be a favorite but high limit bettors would be better off at a high limit sportsbook.

Intertops Pros

Itops has probably been online before 99% of people reading this and there is a reason they have loyal customers including account holders that are active in their 20th year. Intertops has good customer service; they put their marketing budget into signup and reload bonuses; offer an extensive betting menu and offer all possible payout and deposit methods. It’s a consensus top sportsbook for small to moderate sized bettors.