Sportsbook Referrals – Bonuses

Almost all online sportsbooks offer “referral” bonuses (refer a friend) for sending them your friends. This is a great way to make a few bucks but don’t bother to try anything underhanded on the book as they have stipulations that the “friend” must meet otherwise they’ll just rescind the bonus they gave you.

Some guys actually think that by signing up their brother, sister, dad and mom that they’ll get a referral bonus. Folks, don’t waste your time pulling that crap. Their gonna sniff you out and call you on it.

Some books such as Bovada are really aggressive and will give you a % of whatever your friend’s first deposit is, free bets, a flat rate fee, plus if you send more than one friend they’ll tack on more free loot per buddy that you refer!

Sportsinteraction – Refer a buddy and get 20% of what they deposit up to $200!