UFC 164 Picks

UFC 164 Picks
When: August 31st, 2013
Where: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI
by Tim of Predictem.com

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Fight Analysis: The Harley Davidson Hometown-Throwdown might prove to be fantastic with a Top-Billing rematch of Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis. Henderson and Pettis met in WEC 53 with Pettis winning a unanimous decision in the Fight of the Night and perhaps the Fight of the entire Year! #1 contender T.J. Grant was supposed to fight Henderson but suffered a training injuryand in comes Pettis! In a Heavyweight Undercard, Frank Mir will take on Josh Barnett which should prove to be an outstanding fight. Frank Mir is always a gamer and a former 2-time Heavyweight Champion (he took down Brock Lesner) and Barnett seems to have taken his Im important hat off and enter the ring against a decent opponent.

Benson Henderson (18-2-0) (-125) vs. Anthony Pettis (14-2-0) (-105)
Henderson is referred to as Smooth and his moniker is virtually like his fighting style; Henderson smoothes his Edge as the fight goes on giving him a very difficult opportunity to Close the fight out. Pettis is called Showtime which is already taken by Deion Sanders (NFL fame) and No! Mr. Pettis, Ive seen Showtime on TV, seen Showtime in person, and you Mr. Pettis are not Showtime! Other than that, Pettis can get down when he has to and usually keeps his energy up from first bell until final bell. Henderson will be submitted; Henderson would have been knocked out by T.J. Grant! So, its a Win Win for Henderson; Main Fight billing and he doesnt get KOed! Pettis better show up at show time in-shape or this fight will quickly get away from him. I believe Pettis will show up in shape and Henderson will be looking to get Pettis out of there quickly. Henderson will shoot, Pettis will mount him, and submit Henderson in the 2nd round. Pettis wins by submission and Henderson will be finished as a fight draw!

Frank Mir (16-7-0)(+165) vs. Josh Barnett (32-6-0)(-250)
The Warmaster is almost the funniest nickname Ive come across in UFC fighting! Who is Josh; a Dungeons & Dragons Geek? Creepy! Well, it is only 1 of many bumps in the road following Barnetts career. Whats really funny is: I dont even need to talk about Josh because he isnt going to win! Frank Mir (nicknamed Frank MirAWESOME!) is just a tough, always plodding, forever unafraid, Old School Monster Fighter that never quits and gives everything he has! He took Lesner out, recovered from a career ending motorcycle crash, and will prove to be entirely too much for Josh Barnett. Mir is like the Dad who doesnt always say that much, but when your football ended up in Mr. Williams backyard and Mr. Williams refused to give it back, Frank Mir strolled over and got the football back without saying a word. Frank Mir is a cold-blooded destroyer and Josh Barnett makes mistakes. The Destroyer will send this Poor Mister ( I mean: Warmaster—really goofy nicknameno one can overcome that amount of goofiness!) to a watery grave with a Chop-Punch right on the screws. Frank Mir by KO!

Chad Mendes (14-1-0)(-400) vs. Clay Guida (30-10-0)(+300)
This is going to be a fantastic fight! Why? Because Clay Guida will be playing Usain Bolt AGAIN trying to outrun Chad Mendes avoiding certain defeat if Guida is caught. Guida used to be pretty good and mixed it up quite a bit early in his career. Lately, looks looks like a Hollywood tough guy who couldnt back down once he opened his pie-hole and took a bout with a real fighter namely: Chad Mendes. Until Guida quits playing the ADHD guy on a sugar rush looking for Words that start with the letter Q in a scrabble game, Guida gets No Respect from fight fans, UFC writers, or anyone looking to watch a real UFC match. There is little question Guida has a triple-Lindy Black Belt in Hide N Seek and a purple-aqua belt in cashin checks. Combine those prestigious belts with Guidas goofy Hang Ten finger bangin and Guida looks much more like an X-Games BMXer or a Days of Our Lives love interest than a UFC fighter! The question has to be asked: Did Justin Bieber suffer a training accident while singing a duet with Nicki Minaj so he couldnt fight Mendes, or did Guida talk the local up-and-comer Bill Stevens (akaany Pizza Delivery Driver claiming hes training to be a UFC fighter!!) into dropping out of this fight for a signed Guida picture and 1 ghost story after hours? Cmon!! The only refreshing possibility with this fight is if Mendes humiliates Guida by not knocking him out and punishes this Made for TV Has Been into retirement. Mendes by whatever Mendes wishes to doMendes will destroy Guida with smart bomb efficiency. Mendes byany means possible or necessary >> wayyyy too much class for Guida to handle here!

Pettis, Mir, and Mendes: No other lines exist for UFC 164 so thats all we can analyze! Mendes is by FAR the easiest fight to predict. Mirs fight will be the most intense. Henderson and Pettis wont match their first fight but should be enjoyable for awhile anyway?! Heres a prop bet possibly making it the local betting houses: What round will Usain Guida sprain his ankle in? and maybe, With Billy Ray Cyrus leaving the Disney Channel, could Guida possibly have an acting career after Guida wakes up from a Mendes blow to the chops? I hope UFC is enjoyable! See ya next set!