Deuces Wild – Video Poker

Deuces Wild
by Marilee of

A basic Deuces Wild machine is the best way for someone to learn the basics of playing video poker. Heres why: You will win more low hands and have the opportunity to play longer before exhausting your bankroll because of the wild cards.

A Deuces Wild game is like any other game of poker except the four deuces are wild, which means that they will replace any card in any hand. When you begin to play, learn to recognize the deuces as wild cards rather than 2’s so you don’t inadvertently discard any of them. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people have a hard time with this. Take your time with a new game and learn it well. Start with nickel machines so you can master the basics of this simple game.

The basic paytables for this game vary a lot. The biggest reason for this is that the casinos don’t make as much money on what is known as a Full Pay Deuces Wild (FP) machine, so they lower the paytables to turn the advantage back to the house. At this point, it is hard to find a FP, but look for the following paytables before you play. These returns are as low as you should go. If the paytables are reduced more than this, do not play that game as it is not worth your time or money.


Three of a kind pays 1:1

Straight pays 2:1

Flush pays 2:1

Full House pays 3:1

Four of a kind pays 5:1

Straight Flush pays 9:1

Five of a kind pays 15:1

Royal Flush with a Deuce pays 25:1

Four Deuces pays 200:1

Royal Flush without Deuce pays 800:1

Keep in mind that the paytables may be higher than the above guide. Frequently a full house is the same payback as a four of a kind, for example.

Your basic strategy for Deuces Wild should include holding all deuces, all the time. Always keep two pair even though this is not a winning hand. You have your odds of drawing into a full house increase dramatically because of the four wild deuces. Always keep a pair. Discard all hands that contain nothing. You may find that you are discarding most of your hands for a new draw, but that is normal and proper play. Don’t miss opportunities for straight flushes by not recognizing it when it shows up. Take your time to recognize good hands. Don’t get hypnotized if the game is going slow. You will miss potential winning hands if you do.

The biggest problem with Deuces Wild is that your probabilities for a royal flush are diminished because of the wild cards. Now your odds are 1:48,000 rather than a standard draw machine with offers odds of 42,000:1. But the upside is the Four Deuces, which have a significant return.