Sports Betting Strategies

Listed below you’ll find some great sports betting strategies that if you aren’t already using, should help you out in your efforts to beat the golden 52.38% number that splits winners from losers.

There are hundreds if not thousands of strategies. Here are a few as well as some that are sport specific. Enjoy!

Exercise proper money management.

Shop for the best line available. This means using multiple sportsbooks.

Look for reduced juice offerings which save you big money over the long term.

Do not allow emotion to play into your bet choices.

Do not chase losses. Doubling up can lead to finding yourself in a serious hole.

Don’t placed bets while intoxicated. Your judgement is obviously impaired.

If given the opportunity to middle or scalp, take it. Any time you can lock in free money, do it.

Consider only betting under the total and underdogs. Get over the love of wagering on favorites and overs.

Realize that the ability to pass is one of your greatest weapons. The bookmaker is forced to put out a line on every game. You however are not forced to bet every game. Only make plays where value is present.

Consider playing at a sports betting exchange so you can sell off a for sure loss a bit early to recoup some of your risked amount.

Keep records of what you bet. You may be surprised to see that some things work better for you than others. Do more of what’s working and less of what is not.

Learn how to capitalize using halftime betting as a weapon.

If your a handicapper who is consistently losing by a half point, you may want to read David Lane’s article on alternatives to Betting the Hook.

Risk free gambling does exist! You have to work hard to find it though! Adam explains Sports Betting Arbitrage which guarantees you a profit by betting on both sides of a game!

Advanced Handicapping: Mister Quinn explains how sharp syndicates manipulate spreads by using head fakes.