Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Robert Guerrero Pick

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0, 26 KOs) vs. Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KOs)
Date: May 4, 2013
Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, NV
Weight Class: Welterweights
by Tim, Boxing Handicapper, Predictem.com

WOW! Guerrero moves up like a rocket propelled elevator against the “Best All Divisions Fighter” of this generation; Floyd Mayweather Jr. What’s worse than that? Guerrero fought last against Monica Seles, I mean “The Screamer”; Andre “Way Past Prime” Berto on November 24, 2012. Guerrero looked like he ate too much bird for that fight and Berto annoyed anyone watching with his “Yip, Yip” scream each time he threw a hand out (formerly called ‘Punches’ when Berto could fight!) Truly; Mayweather Jr. is : FasterSmarterStrongerTougherWiserQuicker than Guerreroand that’s just for starters! If Guerrero has any calculated chance of winning this fight, it will be found in two–and only two–specific ways. Let’s look at them:

First way Guerrero can win: Get inside and stay inside of Mayweather Jr. and turn this into a bloody brawl. If Guerrero can figure out how to put his jaw or rib cage very near Mayweather Jr’s hands tying up Mayweather before he can throw, he may frustrate Mayweather Jr. into a series of mistakes resulting in a Draw or a close decision. Guerrero could foul Mayweather Jr. with head-butts or hitting below the belt but people around Guerrero say he’s a good family man and church goer kinda’ guy (except for that 2013 JFK Airport gun charge?). I did say Mayweather’s smarter than Guerrero; right (except for that domestic violence 2-month jail term in 2012)? After watching film of both fighters over and over, Guerrero lacks the punching power, reach, quickness or “Pit Bull” mentality to do anything other than>>>>>Wait for the inevitable knockout.

Second way that Guerrero can win: Floyd Mayweather Sr. has a ‘Diva’ moment with Junior. Mayweather Jr. changed corner men less than a week ago from longtime corner and Uncle, Roger Mayweather, to his dad Floyd Mayweather Sr. With Roger and Sr.’s new parking spaces, rolling over toes by the Gravy Train is a definite possibility. Roger still believes he’s the corner (though he won’t be in it) and Sr. is still trying to find an identity using his son. Rumor has it Insurance Liability mandated the best “Catcher” of the two (Sr.) should be ready noting Hatton’s KO ring-buckle face-plant by Jr. in ’07! Just a rumor

Mayweather Jr. gets a bad rap most of the time. I’m the first one to dogg someone for talkin’ excessive trash and going to extremes considering a certain classy way about Fighters. Jr. does talk a lot of junk but usually-and check to see if I’m wrong-after the fight, Mayweather is very kind and considerate towards his opponent who’s usually still on the canvas. Mayweather Jr’s boxing skills, creativity, and intelligence have never been questioned but he does get a raw deal when I believe he is only trying to promote his fights; mostly against outclassed opponents!

One very important point to note: This is Mayweather Jr’s first fight with Showtime/CBS in a ’30-month up to 6 fight deal’ inked this year. It is a PPV event so consider the possibility that Mayweather Jr. may want to carry the fight longer to attract more viewers for his next fight. If Guerrero pressures Mayweather Jr., Floyd will have no other alternative than to dispatch himor tie him up. If Guerrero sort of pressures or doesn’t pressure Floyd then look for Floyd to get some serious work in shaking off any ring-rust he mayand I mean Mayhave acquired going to-and-from the joint then laying off. In any event, everyone should get their money’s worth when Hector Saldivia, I MEAN, Robert Guerrero(oops!) plays hide and Seek with his mouthpiece (psssst, the Ref’s at 5, now 6, 7

My Pick to Win: At -800, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the Cavs on the road playing The Miami Heat! Curious though, Guerrero is a +500 for the Win and there are absolutely no ‘Prop Bets’ (TKO, KO, Unanimous and in what round etc.) available? That’s a little strange but the song remains the same just like in golf: “It’s not How, It’s How Many!?” I’m thinking round 7 or 8if Mayweather Sr. stays out of Jr.’s grill. If Jr. gets a little concerned about the way things are going, watch for Floyd Jr. make Roger and Sr. play Musical Chairs! Good LuckMayweather gets it done baby!